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Yesterday, we announced the name change of Ángel Garza. Today, we get the news that “World Wrestling Entertainment” has decided to also change the name of the superstar from “Friday Night Smackdown” Humberto Carrillo.

They change the name of Humberto Carrillo

Humberto Carrillo is a Mexican superstar who is currently fighting in Wwe on the blue mark “Friday Night Smackdown”. In this brand he competes in the division in pairs, together with his cousin in real life Ángel Garza, forming the team “The Lotharios”.

Hereinafter, according to the official website of Wwe, will be renamed exclusively Humberto. In fact, all the commentary and labeling teams have already received the order to call him that in future broadcasts.

This decision is in line with the company’s normal name clipping policy. Especially when a superstar from NXT ascends to the main cast. An example of this is Reggie, current 24/7 champion, who was known as Reginald on his debut.

A common policy in the company

The possible reason for the name change of Humberto Garza Carrillo (His full name in real life) is probably to disassociate him from his family in real life. Humberto belongs to the Garza family, of high prestige in Mexican wrestling, wanting Wwe that people think of it as their own product.

These decisions are standard company policy: Elias, for example, was Elias Samson in NXT or Otis, it was Otis Dozovic. Now, we will see how this absence of a surname influences the viewer’s perception. And you do you think?

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WWE changes the name of Humberto Carrillo – Planeta Wrestling