SAY WHAT? Star of the Industrialists, a fundamental piece in the next Cuban soap opera that will talk about baseball

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“Pandora’s friends.” That is the title of a Cuban telenovela that is currently in the production phase with a view to its premiere in the middle of next year 2022 on the island’s main television channel.

With the renowned Ernesto Fiallo as director, the film has the participation of several renowned actors. Such is the case of Alejandro Cuervo…, in addition to the participation both in the cast and in the advice of one of the most legendary figures of the emblematic Industriales team.

It’s about the former gardener Carlos Tabares, who returns to take part in a television project now with greater responsibility.

The five-time national champion with the Lions, whom he led for many years as captain, has worked in the technical advice of the protagonist of this series, who precisely embodies the role of a pitcher who returns to the sport after a complex stage of recovery due to of the injury suffered.

It is about a fictional character who before his temporary departure from the field of play was considered a star of Industriales and Cuban baseball in general, and who later tries to return to his stellar planes in media of dissimilar conflicts of all kinds.

This telenovela includes scenes in the Latin American stadium that have not yet been shot and in which Tabares would also have a presence beyond his instructions to the main actor and the rest of the acting team that makes up the fictional Industriales.

Although the telenovela is not entirely about ball, it becomes a plot of great weight for its protagonist and the subplots other teammates, inside and outside the sports field.

This would be the first time that baseball has such a pronounced treatment within this television genre, regardless of the fact that within it there has been some other approach, especially with fans watching games.

Of course, in relation to products made for the small screen, the children’s series “The Champions” it continues to have exclusivity with regard to the total role of sport that this October 19 will become official as the country’s cultural heritage.

The cinema has been better, if only a little bit. “Honor y Gloria”, “Penumbra”, “En tres y dos” and “El sovadora” are the three feature films related to our national pastime, while films such as “Plaf” and “Clandestinos” include moments in the stadium itself.

As for Tabares, it should be noted that he has demonstrated through various projects his ability to take on challenges that are completely out of the sports environment, including his work as a journalist who was outstanding for a time here at Swing Completo.

His acting debut took place three years ago in the popular comedy program “Vivir del Cuento” in which he embodied his own figure, albeit with the pretense of being Cachita’s (Irela Bravo) boyfriend.

Precisely this liked space has approached this sport on several occasions, either with certain indirect criticisms, the participation of figures linked to the game, the mention of phrases and players and even attending the Latin American stadium itself in the middle of a match.