SALARY ADJUSTMENTS and two Cuban ball tournaments, 61 National Series schedules

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Since this Wednesday, October 20, the national direction of INDER and the main authorities of the Cuban National Baseball Commission, carry out a tour of all the provinces of the country, among other objectives, to evaluate the conditions in which each one of them, with a view to the forthcoming 61st edition of the National Series.

“We are going to evaluate how the territories are already preparing for the future Series which, although an official date has not been defined, we are working to start at the beginning of next year”, expressed the First Vice President of INDER, Raúl Fornés Valenciano, according to a note published on Radio Rebelde, by sports journalist Guillermo Rodríguez.

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In the framework of this tour, during the meetings held in the provinces, a series of information about Cuban baseball (recently named Cultural Heritage of the Nation) and its next domestic championship has been made public, which, even without official character, give an idea of ​​what lies ahead.

According to Fornés Valenciano, for 2022 two baseball tournaments are expected, first the 61 National Series with no less than 75 games for each of the 16 teams that make up the tournament and then another where the best players in the country are concentrated. .

In the early hours of the morning of Thursday, October 21, the news emerged that the Latin American Stadium will begin to have economic autonomy for its management, seeking to make it self-sustainable, making use of non-agricultural cooperatives or the so-called MIPYMES that are now emerging on the Island.

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Likewise, the sports journalist from Las Tunas, Orlando Cruz, shared several information on his social networks about the next National Series, of great importance for fans of Cuban pelota, which were also replicated by Hernández Luján.

«In the 61 National Series there will be differences in the payment of the athletes. Regular players will have a higher salary than those on the bench. The salary contract prior to the competition will be signed according to the results of the previous season, “said Cruz, who also added that all the tournament matches will be played during daylight hours and that the Julio Antonio Mella stadium, of the provincial capital de Las Tunas, it could also be managed by MSMEs.

This information was ratified by the Cuban baseball authorities on the JIT Twitter account.

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