RK-Bro retain WWE RAW Tag Team Championship –

In one of the headline bouts of WWE Crown Jewel , RK-Bro retain the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship against AJ Styles and Omos.

RK-Bro retain WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

In a highly contested match, the fan-supported couple managed to retain their championships.

Despite the doubts and difficulties at the beginning of their union, Randy Orton and Riddle they got a good tune and today it seems difficult to remove the belts.

AJ Styles and OmosInstead, they show more and more doubts as Tag Team, fueling rumors of a possible separation soon.

Although today they hardly had any conflictive moments, they seem increasingly insecure together, and they would be good reinforcements for the individual level.

Omos has never had the opportunity to have an individual career, that moment seems closer than ever.

Another rumor that is being talked about is that they are still together but Styles focuses on the WWE Championship, leaving Omos as a bodyguard.

The combat itself was short but fluid and very dynamic, with constant changes of dominance by both Teams.

In the final moments and with Omos out of action, Styles seeks his Phenomenal Forearm, but is greeted with an in-air RKO from Orton.

After this, Riddle ends the action with his variant of Corkscrew Somersault Senton, known as Floating Bro.

With this comes the second defense of RK Bro after winning them at WWE SummerSlam 2021 precisely against his rivals today.

After this they had a first defense against Bobby Lashley and MVP and, after a time without retentions, today the second takes place.

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