Ready! The MLB announces its umpires for the World Series (there is a Mexican)

With a press release, the MLB announced to the umpires who would be in charge of directing the actions in the World Series between Astros and Bravos, the surprises? A Mexican and an ampayer not very popular with fans: Ron Kulpa.

7 umpires will be in charge of bringing the World Series to fruition from the difficult perspective of ampayeo:

  • Chris conroy
  • Tom hallion
  • Dan bellino
  • Ted barret
  • Mike muchilinski
  • Alfonso Marquez
  • Ron Kulpa

And the selection in general has not left many happy, but with Ron Kulpa things have heated up among fans and analysts.

Why include among the chosen umpire of the World Series who is one of the most hated, mediocre and inconsistent umpires of all the Major Leagues?

Unanimously despised by players and coaches, Ron Kulpa has one of the lowest ERA percentages of all MLB at just 91% and has starred in some of the most embarrassing episodes for Ampayeo in recent years (add Angel Hernández who thankfully is not on the list).

We quickly recall an incident where he confronts Cole and says “I can do whatever I want” or when AJ Hinch claimed a series of bad markings and Kulpa told him that it was “because of his comments in the spring” referring to some statements where the then Astros manager criticized Rob Manfred.

The Kulpa thing just seemed like a provocation for all of us to sign the arrival of the umpire robots JAJAJJAJA.

Never so criticized as in these playoffs and with a collective performance of the most controversial that is remembered in years. Bad markings, strikes that were not, balls that were, swing that did not exist … well, this post-season has had it all with some decisions that have directly affected the development of the games and (without a doubt) have ended up affecting the final results.

But hey, let’s hope that is behind us and from here we wish the 7 chosen ones success and a good job. In particular, our Mexican representative, Alfonso Márquez from Zacatecas, who is now in his 4th World Series.

And about Kulpa, well, I really hope something happens and he can’t jump to the diamond on Wednesday. We don’t understand why baseball has to suffer from this.

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Ready! The MLB announces its umpires for the World Series (there is a Mexican)