Fantasy Football Lessons, Week 7 – 2021 | Antonio Gibson disappoints | Watch out for Tyler Higbee

The Bengals beat the Ravens in a dominant display from Ja’Marr Chase, the Chiefs did no more than three weeks and it was possibly the least fun week of the season. Here are the most important lessons learned in Fantasy football – Week 7 NFL 2021.

With the first quarter of the season on the books, we can already know more precisely which players are worth it and which players could be a bust in our teams.

Cordarrelle Patterson is the best Waiver it’s from the season

I was skeptical when people started to get on the Cordarrelle Patterson train, as the utilization did not match the production that this player had. In the last two games he has established himself as the main RB and the second WR of this team so he can produce in a great way in Fantasy Football as a RB1. He had 67% carries and the same percentage of routes run, something that is almost never seen in an NFL player.

Antonio Gibson is the disappointment within the Top 12 of Draft RBs

This player shares the backfield with JD McKissic and when drafted – sometimes in the first round – he was expected to have the predominant role that he had at the end of last season (and McKissic was practically irrelevant). This week, McKissic dominated the backfield with 63% snaps, possibly from game script, but Gibson only had 61% carries.

This is the only week to buy cheap from Darrell Henderson

This player had the worst game of his season, as it was not at all effective and he played like a RB who cannot create explosive plays. Volume is the king of Fantasy Football, so this player may not have a week like this again. He drove with 88% snaps and was on 71% of the team’s routes, being better than some WRs.

Greater risers and fallers from week 7

Here are the players who fell the most and fell the most in my Fantasy Football rankings:


  • RB Michael Carter – Jets: He dominated for the first time in his career with 71% of snaps, was present on 65% of the team’s routes and had 63% of carries.
  • RB Chase Edmonds – Cardinals: He dominated with 69% of snaps and was in 74% of the team’s routes, ensuring a decent floor of targets.
  • WR Van Jefferson– Rams: He dominated for the first time in his career with 95% of routes and is the clear WR2 of this team.
  • RB D’Andre Swift– Lions: He has the best utilization in the entire NFL. 74% of snaps, 82% of routes run, 33% of target share and 31% of targets per route run, they are numbers worthy of an elite WR, to this we add that it has 50% of carries and it is incredible.


  • TE Mark Andrews – Ravens: He had boasted that this player had some of the best uses in the league and this week he only had 66% of the team’s routes.
  • RB Chubba Hubbard – Panthers: He only had 53% of snaps and was sharing practically the entire game with Royce Freeman
  • WR Brandon Aiyuk – 49ers: He only ran 69% of routes, a percentage like this is not enough in such a terrestrial offensive.

Buy low, sell high

  • Buy cheap from Tyler Higbee: He’s coming off his best match regarding his utilization and he’s about to have a breakout match.
  • Sell ​​dear to Damien Harris: I’m not saying you sell it that easy, but it would be worth exploring what they could give you for a player like him, who rarely has more than 60% snaps and doesn’t have a sky through the air.

Thanks for reading me. What Fantasy Football lessons did you take from Week 7 of the 2021 NFL Season? Remember to pay attention to Tuesday’s article, where I will analyze the most attractive options to take you on Waivers for week 8. Also remember to watch the Fantasy Squad program on our YouTube channel.

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Fantasy Football Lessons, Week 7 – 2021 | Antonio Gibson disappoints | Watch out for Tyler Higbee