MLB: ‘Umpires robots’ will be close to the Major Leagues in 2022

MLB Umpires robots will be close to the Major Leagues

The MLB has put the ‘robot umpires’ one step away from the highest level of baseball. Photo: Steve Dykes/Archive/Getty Images The MLB has taken an important step in its intention to take full advantage of technology, after announcing that they will use a ‘robot umpire’ starting in the 2022 season in games of the Triple-A … Read more

Ready! The MLB announces its umpires for the World Series (there is a Mexican)

With a press release, the MLB announced to the umpires who would be in charge of directing the actions in the World Series between Astros and Bravos, the surprises? A Mexican and an ampayer not very popular with fans: Ron Kulpa. 7 umpires will be in charge of bringing the World Series to fruition from … Read more

MLB playoffs: CC Sabathia explodes against low level umpires

Although we have seen very good baseball in these playoffs of MLB, with games for history and huge performances, something that without a doubt everyone has been affected is by the low level that many umpires have shown until today, with episodes like the check swing that ended the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers … Read more

Jose Altuve has been a victim of umpires in the strike zone this season

Yankees Astros Baseball.JPG scaled e1631833426669

The Venezuelan of the Houston Astros, Jose AltuveThroughout the 2021 Major League – MLB season, he has been a victim of the referees and is one of the players who sentenced him the most strikes with pitches outside the zone. While we know the official strike zone is the area above home plate, from the … Read more

Umpires already screen pitchers for substances

Umpires already screen pitchers for substances

ARLINGTON, Texas – Major League Baseball umpires began searching pitchers for sticky substances Monday to handle balls. A practice that had been against the rules for several years, but rarely exercised, will no longer be overlooked. The measure began on Monday when minor league and major league umpires began regular checks on all pitchers for … Read more