Power Ranking of Dominican pitchers: Frankie interrupts with force

Sandy Alcántara ends the month of August with force in the absence of leader Freddy Peralta

Both Frankie Montás and Sandy Alcántara experience a season masterful moment, recording some of the best starts of their season in 2021. Oakland Athletics pitcher and Miami Marlins pitcher Framber Valdez combined for a weekend of victories impeccable.

Meanwhile the relievers led by Alex Reyes are not having a good time and that makes them lose positions and presence on the list.

The ranking values ​​the best performances from the start of the season until Sunday, August 29. ESPN Digital presents the most outstanding Dominican pitchers of this period.

1. Freddy peralta – Milwaukee Brewers

(Previous ranking 1; Top: 1)

The Milwaukee Brewers hope that the Dominican can return with the team at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next, but everything will depend on how his bullpen sessions go during the following days and that he can demonstrate that there are no problems in his shoulder of throw. Despite being out of action, Peralta remains at the top of the list, although others have been pushing hard.

2. Sandy Alcantara – Miami Marlins

(Previous rank: 4; Top: 1)

He bounced back from his worst outing of the season with just 4 runs allowed in his next 4 starts. Sandy has two straight games striking out at least 11 opponents (11 and 12 in two games against the Reds), his highest totals of the season, allowing only 3 walks in those two outings against Cincinnati.

3. Frankie Montás – Oakland Athletics

(Previous ranking N / A; Top: 3)

The best Dominican pitcher of the month of August? Everything seems so and this makes Frankie climb the list in an agile way. Montás ‘week has been to a certain extent historic, breaking the New York Yankees’ streak of consecutive triumphs and also controlling the San Francisco Giants in seven innings. In neither of the two starts did he allow runs, nor did he concede more than two hits with just 3 walks between them. He became the first Dominican to reach 10 victories in the season. Masterly.

4. Framber Valdez – Houston Astros

(Previous rank 3; Top: 3)

Like Frankie, Framber is coming off a very good week with two quality outings against Seattle and Texas, with 7 innings pitched in each allowing only three hits and the Houston Astros pitcher discreetly accumulates a very good season for his team.

5. Alex Reyes – St. Louis Cardinals

(Previous rank: 2; Top: 1)

It has been a month to forget when it comes to, perhaps and so far, the best Dominican reliever of the season. 3 losses and an equal chance of blown saves make August a month Alex is sure to want to forget. His last appearance against San Francisco in which he allowed 3 runs and got only one out, has brought his ERA to 2.95, his highest number of the season.

On the radar: Luis Castillo it remains inconsistent in August, and was unable to lower its ERA to 4.00, failing to replicate its fabulous June. Emmanuel Class He could fight Alex Reyes as the best Dominican closer of the season even though he hasn’t had the same number of opportunities as St. Louis, but they keep getting the job done. Cristian Javier He’s done it all for the Astros, and in his last two appearances he saved one game and screwed up the next.