MLB: This is the candle for the wild cards in the Major Leagues

Little more than a month remains for the expiration of the calendar of the regular round in the Major Leagues, so the aroma of the postseason begins to be breathed.

In the American League the situation is tighter, especially in the Central Division, at the same time, there are short distances between five teams that compete for the wild cards; in the National League the key to the East does not have a clear winner, in addition, four casts compete for the wild card.

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Although they are out of the qualifying zone, the Minnesota Twins have a lot of chance and in two ways, one more feasible than the other.

The Twins are 1.5 games behind the Cleveland Guardians with 8 games remaining in this particular series; likewise, 3 games distance them from the Toronto Blue Jays (third wild card), 5 from the Seattle Mariners and Tampa Bay Rays (second and first wild card respectively).

For their part, the Baltimore Orioles only have a chance via the wild cards, this is quite feasible since they are 2 away from the Blue Jays with 10 pending clashes between them; the orioles are 4 behind the Mariners and Rays.

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In the case of Toronto, 2 games separate it from Seattle and Tampa Bay, against the latter they still have 9 games to play. Over the Rays, the Yankees have a 6-point lead in first place in the East, that’s the number of games remaining in their particular series.

Just like the Twins in the Americanathe Milwaukee Brewers show chance (slightly reduced) in two alternatives. They are 6 behind the St. Louis Cardinals with 4 games scheduled, while in the wild card, 2.5 separate them from the San Diego Padres (third wild card) with no games to play.

The Religious are breathing down the neck of the Philadelphia Phillies (second wild card), with 0.5 commitment away, the Quakers in turn are away, 7 games, from the Atlanta Braves (first wild card) and that’s the number of games left in his matchup.

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For the Tomahawks, the Division is still feasible because they have to play 3 times against the New York Mets and that is the distance between them.

How things are, in the Americana Astros is seeded 1, yankees the 2Guardians 3, Rays 4, Mariners 5 and Blue Jays 6.

In the National: Dodgers is seeded 1, Mets 2, Cardinals 3, Braves 4, Phillies 5 and Padres 6.

This would be the first instance of playoffs:

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MLB: This is the candle for the wild cards in the Major Leagues