MLB Fashion: The Best Dressed In The

Good, good everyone! We want to welcome you to MLB Fashion. In this space we will talk about everything related to the flow of the stars of the Major. Here we will highlight the best dresses, jewelry, shoes and everything that comes with having a Major League style.

On this occasion, we will talk about the All-Star Game that took place at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The event was a great success and for the eighth consecutive time the American League defeated the National League. Ahh… and it should be noted that Vladdy Guerrero Jr. won the Most Valuable Player Award of the event, becoming the youngest major league player to achieve such a feat. But let’s go to what we came … Let’s talk about FASHION!

On Cut4 we enjoyed the parade of stars at the “Red Carpet Show”. We should mention that the carpet this time was purple, the color that the Rockies use because the All-Star Game was held in their home.

There were many stars who threw the cloth to parade with their families, and we decided to conduct some surveys on our stories of Instagram for our followers to select the best dresses of the evening. Do you want to know the results? Well, here they go:

  • The best dressed, the one that swept the votes (90%), was the beloved of many, Fernando Tatis Jr. Since he arrived on the purple carpet with his family, “El Niño” captivated everyone with a suit jacket and pink pants. You have to have a lot of style to wear an outfit like that and… Tatis Jr. has it! They can’t tell us what is cheap.

  • The second place went to the MVP, Vladito. The Junior arrived very smiling, with a lot of self-assurance and with a lot of bling bling.

  • The third place was occupied by “The Minister of Defense.” Manny Machado was one of the most elegant and came perfectly combined with his wife, Yainee Alonso. The Padres third baseman outfit was definitely flawless.

  • And another who was on the list of the best dresses was the Cuban José Adolis García. The Rangers outfielder arrived wearing Louis Vuitton and with tremendous glasses.

  • And Juan Soto could not be absent. The Dominican paraded in a classic Giorgio Armani outfit. You know, so as not to miss the class.

Several things to mention:

  • Vladdy Jr. came to batting practice wearing a glove personalized with a photo of him and his dad. Needless to say how incredible it is … judge.

  • During the All-Star Game events, several players arrived with a lot of bling bling, but the “El Niño” chain was something else …

  • Machado’s wife walked the purple carpet with a purse that at least left me in love. The bag in the shape of a baseball was perfect for the occasion. Women… We need more handbags like this one!

  • And finally, let’s mention that New Balance released a special edition of the “Lindor 1” tennis shoes for the All-Star Game, and although Francisco Lindor was not present, a couple of players used them during batting practice.

Well folks … that’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed the All-Star Game as much as we did. Definitely, the style and flavor of our Latinos could not be absent. Thank you all for your votes and for following us on our various platforms.

Expect another edition of MLB Fashion. Until next time … Bye!