MLB: Albert Pujols vs Manny Ramírez as batters

Dominicans Albert pujols and Manny Ramirez They are considered two of the best Latino hitters in the history of the Major Leagues.

However, for many Pujols he is a better hitter and for others Manny Ramírez from the point of view of the fanatic, this time, with a thread prepared by Domingo Tavares on the statistics of both players in the MLB.

Ramírez’s career was not the same as that of Pujols, it was not very long due to discipline problems, although today he is a faithful follower of God and that world is left behind for him.

Albert pujols It has been a sign of durability, discipline on and off the field with great talent.

Click on the thread to see the statistics compared to graphs:

“Albert Pujols or Manny Ramírez, who has been a better hitter? The never ending debate, but different… On this Thursday of memory we are going to analyze this issue with concept and depth. Be careful: this analysis / thread will be collective, 10 best campaigns, career peak, etc. “

In terms of awards, Manny Ramírez was a 12-time all-star, 9 silver bats, batting title, two world series and MVP of one. While Albert Pujols is a 3 times MVP, 10 times all-star, 2 gold gloves, batting title, rookie of the year, 2 world series, MVP of a Championship Series and 6 silver bats.

When it comes to awards Ramírez beats Pujols in all-star play and silver bats only. He was also MVP of a World Series unlike Pujols who was in a Championship Series.