MLB: Ramirez tops Devers in All-Star Game vote update

MLB Ramirez tops Devers in All Star Game vote update

The battle for the third base of the American League starring the Dominicans is one of the closest in voting for the game on July 19 Cleveland Guardians third baseman Jose Ramirez has taken the lead over his compatriot rafael devers in the last count of votes to elect the starters to the Dodger Stadium … Read more

San Diego parents interested in Jose Ramirez

San Diego parents interested in Jose Ramirez

The San Diego Padres are eyeing infielder Jose Ramírez in order to acquire him via trade from the Cleveland Guardians in MLB 2022. It is no secret to anyone that possibly Jose Ramirez be the most wanted player before the date, trade limit if in any case the Cleveland Guardians fail to extend their contract … Read more

MLB: Who are the greatest home runners in Playoff history? Manny Ramírez leads the list

The playoffs of MLB They are without a doubt the biggest stage to which a Major League player could aspire, and which unfortunately, very few can reach year after year. So have a good postseason performance is a must, since seizing the opportunity is something few can do, and That’s the list of the greatest … Read more

Without much noise, Ramírez with another great year


CLEVELAND – The Indians haven’t had much reason to be proud of their offense this season. The team has received three no-hitters and no-run games, not counting a seven-inning no-hitter thrown at Tampa Bay. The loose and inconsistent offense has not only played a key role in bringing the team close to ending its first … Read more

Unstoppable! José Ramírez equals this record held by Mike Trout and A-Rod in MLB

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Jose Ramirez is ‘breaking’ her with the ‘Tribe’ of Cleveland on the Season 2021 from MLB in one of his best years as a professional. His performance during the second half of the campaign has led him to achieve a An offensive record that he shares with figures like Mike Trout and Alex Rodriguez. Here … Read more

Manny Ramírez fears that MLB will steal the MVP from Vladimir Guerrero Jr., just as they did with him

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is having a season worthy of an MVP playerHowever, for a large part of the journalists, who in their majority are voters for the prizes distributed MLB At the end of the season, he believes that the clear favorite to win the AL Most Valuable Player Award is still the Japanese from … Read more

Manny Ramírez talks: ‘Omar Vizquel was a better shortstop than Derek Jeter’

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Recently, retired Dominican player Manny Ramírez has been controversial in recent days after some statements he gave to the reporter Héctor Gómez of Z Deportes in a live broadcast on Instagram, where he argues that MLB stole “several MVP awards in his career and they will most likely do the same with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. … Read more

Manny Ramírez criticizes major league awards

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The player emphasized that despite Shohei Ohtani’s great year in general terms, he should not be considered an AL MVP over Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Manuel Aristides “Manny” Ramírez He was one of the most productive Dominican players in the history of the Big leagues. At the same time, he was one of the most controversial … Read more