Mets ready for anything, even in the East

Mets ready for anything even in the East

NEW YORK – Mets general manager Zack Scott is willing to look anywhere in his quest for more starting pitching – even within the NL East.

“I have no problem making changes within our division,” Scott said. “Other teams could see things differently; I do not know. We have to think about what is best for the team, both in the short term and in the long term. And sometimes making trades with teams in your division is the way to do that.

The deadline to make trades this season expires this Friday at 4 pm ET.

The most obvious transaction within the division for the Mets would involve Nationals ace Max Scherzer, an imminent free agent whom Washington, according to various reports, is willing to trade now that the Capitals have fallen too far from the postseason spots. . A trade for Scherzer remains unlikely, primarily because of what would have to be delivered in exchange for a few months of service. But Mets officials plan to discuss the star right, as they would for any player who might be available this week.

In layman’s terms, the Mets remain eager to add pitching, even after acquiring Rich Hill from the Rays last week. Hill can’t fill every open spot on the Mets pitching staff out there because Jacob deGrom, Carlos Carrasco, David Peterson, Noah Syndergaard and Joey Lucchesi are all on the disabled list. Of those five, deGrom and Carrasco are the only ones who could help the Mets in August.

“Getting Rich in definitely helps,” Scott said. “But I still think that we need to improve and add more depth. Obviously we have some guys that we think are close to coming back and they could make an impact, a positive impact on the team. But we need to make sure we do the best job possible in terms of getting as much depth for the pitching body as possible. “

Carrasco, who has been recovering from a strained right hamstring since March, could even return next weekend. deGrom, who recently began testing his right forearm in bullpen sessions, seems set to make a comeback in mid-August. But Syndergaard won’t be back until September, at best, and could do so in a reliever role. Peterson could lose the entire year due to a broken right foot, while Lucchesi missed the entire season due to Tommy John surgery.

So the Mets acquired Hill to cover short-term innings. But the organization’s executives know New York needs more pitching and, according to reports, there are several arms available, such as Puerto Rican José Berríos of the Twins, Kyle Gibson of the Rangers, Tyler Anderson of the Pirates and John Means. of the Orioles, among others.

“Definitely, as you get closer, in the position we are in, just days away, there are more calls, more conversations with different people,” Scott said. “So it does feel like we are getting closer and closer to something happening in the industry. Not necessarily for us, although it could be with us. There is definitely more action. “