LVBP: These are the games Magallanes has left. Will they be able to enter the round robin?

The Navigators of Magellan reach the final week of the regular season depending on themselves to get directly into the round robin of the 2022/23 campaign of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. Those led by Yadier Molina are, for the moment, in fourth position in the table, with 28 wins and 26 losses, and if they win the remaining two games, they will ensure their presence in January.

The filibusters come from a very positive week, winning three of the four games they played, including one against their direct rival for fourth place, Bravos de Margarita, and a series of two commitments against the Caribes de Anzoátegui, whom they left out of contention with those pair of victories.


The first commitment of the Navegantes del Magallanes in this last week of the regular season will be against the Cardenales de Lara, at the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez Stadium in Barquisimeto. The Cardenales de Lara are already classified, but they will not give up, as they seek to secure second place and exhaust their last resources to try to take the lead from the Leones del Caracas.

The particular series between Cardenales de Lara and Navegantes del Magallanes has shown an impressive parity so far, however, Magallanes has the lead momentarily, with four victories, while the crepusculares have three laurels against those of Valencia.

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Interestingly, Magallanes is undefeated this season in Barquisimeto, where he won 8-3 on November 6, 7-5 on December 8, and 5-4 on December 17. In Valencia, Cardenales won three of the four games, but the record they have so far accumulated in Barquisimeto can be very encouraging for Magallanes.

The other match that remains for Magallanes will be played tomorrow, December 27, against the Tiburones de La Guaira, in Valencia. Against La Guaira, Magallanes could close their worst particular series of the campaign, since they have only won one commitment against the coast, and it was precisely on the opening day on October 22.

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Magallanes accumulates six consecutive defeats against the Sharks, and was swept at the University Stadium in Caracas. However, if the filibusters manage to close the season as they opened it, and beat La Guaira in Valencia, they will be very close to getting into January.

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LVBP: These are the games Magallanes has left. Will they be able to enter the round robin?