Juan Soto’s contract makes him the best business in baseball, but for how long?

Juan Soto is recording another solid season in the MLB with the Washington Nationals. The outfielder woke up Saturday as the National League batting leader with a .324 average, and also has 29 homers and 92 RBIs, which will surely include him in the conversation for the MVP.

When reviewing the statistics of the Dominican, who this year attended his first All-Star Game, we find that he also leads the old circuit in OBP with .472 and walks received with 135, something that undoubtedly places Soto among the top 10 players of the Big leagues, according to the MLB.com ranking.

The salary that Soto earns this year with the Nationals is just $ 8.5 million, which according to the list of the specialized site Spotrac places him in position 137 among the highest-paid players in the big top, leaving him as one of the biggest businesses in baseball. currently.

If the Nationals’ main office wants to keep their star happy in the coming years, they will have to balance what has been done on the pitch with their bank account, something that will be very difficult to do in these times, since they have expressed the shortness of your budget to deliver great contracts.