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In the last show the blue mark of Friday Night SmackDown a Dark Match took place where we could see Shane thorne with his new character. The current character of the fighter is based on a crocodile hunter in the style of “Crocodile Dundee”, this is how our colleagues describe it Wrestling Inc.

Shane Thorne and his new character.

The former member of the group Retribution, Shane Thorne has been off television for a while since the group’s disbandment. Nevertheless, Thorne has been active in dark matches (non-televised matches) for the past few months. After the news of the new look she wears, Thorne has posted an update on the new character he’s working on.

Shane stated that one of the current tag team champions of WWE, Nikki ASH She was responsible for inspiring him in everything he is doing for his new gimmick.

“I just want you to know that I am trying to carry out my own ideas. A big inspiration for me is Nikki ASH and you can’t deny that what she’s doing is amazing. Wrestling can be so much fun. Relax mate and let’s make it good.

Hopefully it’s only a matter of time to see Shane thorne on television with his new character and be able to enjoy all those ideas that he wants to show to the WWE Universe.

Do you think this new Shane Thorne character could work in this new stage for him?

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