Jose Altuve has been a victim of umpires in the strike zone this season

The Venezuelan of the Houston Astros, Jose AltuveThroughout the 2021 Major League – MLB season, he has been a victim of the referees and is one of the players who sentenced him the most strikes with pitches outside the zone.

While we know the official strike zone is the area above home plate, from the midpoint between the batter’s shoulders and the top of the uniform pants. To receive a strike, part of the ball must cross over part of the plate while in the aforementioned area.

With the passing of the season to the Venezuelan they have sentenced him several strikes with pitches that are obviously out of the zone.

What is this about?

  • It may be his size, being a short player, umpires judge a pitching that seems to be a ball as good.
  • The strike zone, some time ago Altuve and Aaron Judge’s strike zone was mentioned and people mentioned that they were different due to the obvious difference in sizes, making it clear that the strike zone is the same for all batters.
  • The chewing of the carcher, this factor comes into play since the receivers do it to persuade the umpire’s sentence and in some occasions it is positive while in others it is not.
  • Appreciation of the umpires, the perspective of the umpires is different from that seen by everyone on television, this being totally different since they do not have the strike zone chart that we see in television broadcasts, but it is because of the appreciation that have at launch.

Affected by the decision to call a strike outside the zone

Jose Altuve, ranks as the fourth player this season in the Major Leagues to receive the most strike sentences with pitches out of the zone. On that list are:

  • Robbie Grossman with 97
  • Aaron Judge with 82
  • José Altuve with 80
  • Mark Canha with 76

The “Astroboy” antics this season

In the current 2021 MLB season, Jose Altuve has a .279 batting average, with 150 hits in 538 at-bats, driving in 74 runs, scoring 103 and hitting 27 full-return hits.