INCREDIBLE: Cuban Baseball ELIMINATED Industriales in Series 61 Playoff

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

The things that happen with the handling of public information within Cuban sports often lack all logic and it is not possible to find a coherent explanation. It seems that the people who are in charge of managing the websites that disclose what happens on the island in terms of different sports, do not take the slightest care in the important work they do.

In the same way, a few days ago we reported on the blunder of some administrator of the official Twitter account of the Cuban Baseball Federation, in which the photo of a nude from another account of the aforementioned network was retweeted, blunder that was associated with a hacking of it by the Cuban authorities.

On this occasion I want to refer to an error in the diagram that summarizes the postseason clashes in Series 61 within the official website of the Cuban Baseball National Series, in which it can be seen that the Granma team has already eliminated 3×0 to Industriales and won the quarterfinal playoff, advancing as the first classified team to the semifinal, pending the duel between Matanzas and Las Tunas, which is 2-1 in favor of the Crocodiles.


Here it is evident that the person in charge of programming the schedule did not consider that this Series 61 quarterfinal duels are the best of seven games and not five, as usually happens in Cuban baseball.

It is more than clear that to err is human and to rectify even more, but when it comes to repeated errors and not only of this nature, the professionalism, commitment and interest with which one works in the different instances of the Cuban sport.

By the way, some fans of the current national champions of Granma will think that the one who made the mistake only wanted to anticipate the possible result of the duel between Alazanes and Leones, which is already on one side and only four wins in a row for the Blues would allow them to come back and advance to the semi-final.

Apparently on the ground, it is very difficult for this to happen, but as long as there is life there is hope and as long as one breathes there is a chance of a comeback… the Industriales partials will say.

Or rather, “this isn’t over, until it’s over”, the great Yogi Berra would say.

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INCREDIBLE: Cuban Baseball ELIMINATED Industriales in Series 61 Playoff