How did the Visit Mexico brand ‘invade’ Yankee Stadium?

ESPN Digital had access to the contract stipulating that Visit México appear at least 40 times on the screens at Yankee Stadium. The agreement to promote Mexican destinations is now operated by a private company through a concession

MEXICO – In a morning conference at the National Palace, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked: “Who pompo?”, After realizing that the logo of “Visit Mexico” appeared in the games of the New York Yankees. ESPN Digital, had access to the contract that was signed with the MLB team, to promote tourism in Mexico and ‘invade’ the stadium in the Bronx with its advertising.

The contract with the New York Yankees was signed in 2019 and is valid until December 2021, according to an appendix signed in March 2020. The money came from the alliance that the Mexican government made with the company “Braintivity, SA de CV” and last year it was They invested 16 million pesos to the Big Apple, to promote the country as a tourist destination and part of those resources were allocated to the agreement with the Major League Baseball team.

“In addition to the games of the Yankees, the sign is displayed during all non-baseball events (eg, New Era Pinstripe Bowl, NYCFC football games, NYU graduation, etc.) ”.

The “Visit Mexico” invaded Yankee Stadium, since, according to the document accessed through the transparency platform, the logo of the word “Mexico”Appeared at least 40 times during Manhattan Mule games, in addition to the static advertising that was on the Yankee Stadium.

The “Invasion” of the “Visit Mexico” it was not only limited to Yankee Stadium, since by contract the logo to promote tourism in Mexico should also appear on the social networks of the Bronx Bombers and should be given the category of “proud sponsors.”

“It is specified that the logo of “Visit Mexico” will appear “within the graphic publication of the ‘Initial Lineups’ before the Game that will be published through the Club’s official Twitter account and the official Facebook account before each game of the Regular Season,” the contract reads .

The contract included a party in a luxury suite at Yankee Stadium.

The contract that related to Mexico with the New York Yankees It also included a party for 22 people, and tickets could be raffled on the social networks of “Visit Mexico “, although this medium could not confirm if the party took place or not, due to the fact that the Coronavirus Pandemic was crossed.

“One (1) 22 person deluxe suite party (16 seated tickets and six (6) standing only tickets). The Yankees they will be responsible for the cost of a standard package of food and non-alcoholic beverages for the party ”.

The renewal of the contract with the New York Yankees is considered

The company “Braintivity, SA de CV” is considering the renewal of the contract with the New York Yankees. In the appendix of the consulted contract, it is commented that the talks to continue the relationship can begin 90 days before its end and from those meetings it depends on the Bronx Bombers continuing to promote Mexico as a tourist destination.

“The commercial relationship with the American company in charge of the United States baseball team, “New York Yankees”, It is a matter between individuals and that does not involve the expenditure of public resources, that is, no economic resources are used from the state to promote the portal Visitmexico and that the resources used for such purposes are the own resources of the company that signed the agreement, that is, Braintivity, SA de CV ”, the contract clarifies.