In the previous one of the Balloon of Gold: the lapidary phrase of Messi to the Barça in ‘France Football’

He started a new stage in his life, and although he is finding it difficult to adapt not only to a new team after so many years, but also to a new city and all that that implies, you are sure you have made the right decision when signing for the . The Argentine star broke his silence and spoke for the first time since he arrived in Paris, and he did so for the prestigious magazine ‘France Football’, the same one that awards the Ballon d’Or to the best player in the world.

Leo is the cover of an edition that will come out in full next Saturday, and in which a phrase that Messi launched in the extensive interview is advanced and stands out, and that will fall as a hard blow to FC Barcelona.

I was not wrong in coming to PSG, is the phrase that presents ‘France Football’. Lionel messi He is still convinced that going to Paris was the best decision and the truth is that, seeing the reality of the Barça club, the Rosario left what would be an absolute ordeal.

(Photo: France Football)

In Barcelona’s first season without Leo, the club has not even managed to finish on goal in two Champions League games, where so far it has zero points and six conceded goals. And in LaLiga, the culés march ninth.

A few weeks ago, Koeman was blunt: “Messi hid everything. He was very good and he was winning. Of course he had good players around him, but he made a difference. Thanks to him they all seemed better. This is not a criticism, but an observation”.

And of course, the PSG It is not the ‘galactic’ paradise that was believed before the start of the competitions, and even the ‘MNM’ already had its first setback in France. But the reality is that Barcelona has an economic storm that seems uncontrollable.

Waiting for the Ballon d’Or

Now, for now, it remains to be seen whether Messi will be able to lift the Golden Ball. The award ceremony will be on November 29 at the Chatelet Theater in Paris, the same place where Leo received his sixth award in 2019. Before, next Friday, the French magazine will announce the 30 footballers nominated for the award, according to the votes of 180 journalists of all the world.

As a streak to cut and data to take into account, historically, the players who were the cover of the medium that delivers the Ballon d’Or, the following month they failed to win it.

In 2018, Antoine Griezmann appeared in the magazine, but the award went to Luka Modric. The following year, Cristiano Ronaldo was on the cover but Messi won his sixth award. Later, in 2020, the award was not presented. Lionel messi He is facing another challenge and record to break.

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