Good for the Red Sox! Astros unable to confirm McCullers

The Houston Astros They live a semi-bitter moment after their qualification to the series for the championship of the American against Red Sox, the reason? the possible injury of his star ace Lance McCullers.

What happened to McCullers?

Yesterday, in the last of the series against the White Sox, McCullers apparently suffered from his right arm and left the game with just four innings pitched.

The diagnosis? Dusty Baker’s early statements reported “muscle tension in the right arm” which is like saying nothing. And he added: “I would not have taken it out if not necessary” … which opened the door to concerns.

By then, the Astros ace had already gifted us with a spectacular 73-pitch start with just one run allowed.

“It’s a shame not to have been able to go further in this game with a deep start. I would have liked to reach the 6th or 7th, there is no pitcher who is pitching better than me at the moment ”- McCullers commented when questioned about the reasons for his brief departure.

Is McCullers exaggerating by saying that he is the best pitcher in the world right now? Maybe a little, but his impressive season of 3.16 ERA (136 ERA +) and 2.43 strikeout-to-walk ratio makes him arguably Houston’s best. Hence the concern about his health.

And what is the news with McCullers?

Well, without anything official, the only one who decided to talk about it was the general manager who referred to the injury as something piss in an interview for Texas radio this morning.

But nothing official so far from Dusty Baker, who is solely responsible for communicating the progress of the pitcher’s injury or not.

Here is the interview:

What if it’s not McCullers who could open against the Red Sox?

Be careful here: Lance was not at all contemplated for the first of the series against Red Sox, due to the days of rest.

Two options are the most ringing for that first start against Boston:

  • Framber Valdez
  • Luis garcia

That way we could add the Mexican Urquidy, but in reality he would be considered for a third or fourth game, depending on the recovery or not of McCullers. Also there the veteran Greinke could open in case of emergency, although these playoffs has played more a role as a reliever and “emergency pitcher and come in.”

For now, everything seems to indicate that Lance will be, which is bad news for the Red Sox and a respite for Astros fans. We’ll see.