EBA: The best U22s of the week

Thursday arrives, the review of the best performances of EBA League U22 players (those born in 2000 and later years) arrives.

Group A

Group AA

Nissan Grupo de Santiago could not with Cantbasket on his visit to Cantabrian lands, but he continues to take advantage of his minutes Álvaro Martínez (’03), who signed a double-double (10 pt, 10 re).

Third consecutive win for Baskonia de Pape Sow (’03 / 20 pt), which won this day at CB Solares de Diego García (’00 / 16 pt, 4 d).

Easo Bodegas Muga, a member of the GBC, once again had the outstanding contribution of the couple formed by Urko González (’00 / 21 pt) and Martín Dorronsoro (’01 / 22 pt, 8 d), but a triple final made the victory go to a Basketball Sale of Bathrooms Veymaq Ok Hotels where they stood out Pablo Rodrigo (’02 / 21 pt) and Adrián Froufe (’03 / 23 pt, 8 d).

Becedo Santander stormed the Pas Piélagos track to win the Cantabrian derby, highlighting Jorge Gil (’01 / 16 pt, 4 aces) and Diego Ibarlucea (’00 / 20 pt, 3 re).

Group AB

One more day at the office to Sergi Huguet (’02 / 21 pt, 4 d), well supported by Christian Hernández (’03 / 16 pt), in a new victory for Obradoiro Silleda against Unicaja Banco Oviedo B of Fernando Suarez (’03 / 21 pt, 3 ace, 4 ro).

Good victory at the home of CB La Flecha against Óbila, based on the work of the trident formed by Edu Castaño (’00 / 26 pt, 2 as), David Fernández (’01 / 15 pt) and Pablo Martín (’01 / 14 pt, 10 re).

Reino de León won the Leonese derby against a ULE Basket León from which he threw a great Rodrigo Llamas (’01 / 22 pt, 11 re).

B Group

The Movistar Estudiantes subsidiary could not with the final sprint of Socuéllamos, but Hugo López (’03 / 18 pt, 10 re) reappeared, with Héctor Figueroa (’01 / 16 pt) of bodyguards.

Stressed again John Thörnblom (´00 / 16 pt, 9 re), although his Lujisa Guadalajara was no match for the Real Madrid subsidiary, which had the contribution of Urban Klavžar (’04 / 21 pt, 7 as) and Henri Veesaar (’04 / 16 pt).

The study of José Mansilla (’02 / 16 pt) could not retain the victory at home against Transportes Gobra Güímar of Jonathan Jorge (’01 / 16 pt).

High scores match between the Zentro subsidiary and a CB Pozuelo that lives what seems like the year of Óscar Méndez (’00 / 21 pt, 4 ro), seconded by Charly Unanue (’00 / 19 pt) to win the game.

Group C

Group C1

Good role of Martí Obiols (’02 / 15 pt, 4 ro), although insufficient for Baricentro Barberà to bend to Salou.

Several U22 appearances in the duel that measured Embou El Olivar against UE Sant Cugat. On the Aragonese side, we must mention Lucas Langarita (’05 / 17 pt), Aday Mara (’05 / 10 pt, 14 re / who has debuted in Gold with Peñas), Carlos Alías (’06 / 15 pt) and Gonzalo Rodríguez (’04 / 15 pt, 6 as); Sandro Crespo (’01 / 15 pt, 11 re) and Raimon Solivelles (’01 / 15 pt), highlighted in the Catalan table.

Group C2

Stay in superstar mode Iker Montero (’03 / 24 pt, 7 re, 5 as), fundamental in the triumph of the Joventut Badalona subsidiary over Joventut Llucmajor.

Group C3

Barça B returned to roll against Santfeliuenc, standing out Adrià Rodríguez (’03 / 15 pt, 3 as) and Teo Simikj (’04 / 14 pt, 11 re).

Palma Air Europa fell at home after an extension against CB Navàs Viscola, with three outstanding U22s: the local Pau Llabrés (’03 / 18 pt, 8 re) and the visitors Fallou Niang (’01 / 19 pt, 12 re) and Adrià Montagut (’00 / 16 pt).

Follow the CB Vic Universitat de Vic de Nacho Condes (’01 / 17 pt, 6 d), who won on this second day at Bàsquet Girona B by a Adrià Moncanut (’02 / 17 pt) that he fulfilled although he was irregular from the shot.

Life does not change at Grup Via CB Artés, which he pulled again Arnau Cumelles (’00 / 22 pt, 4 d) in the victory against Andratx.

Group D

DA group

CAB Estepona assaulted the court of a hard Jaén Paraíso Interior CB Andújar who led Antonio Martínez (’04 / 18 pt).

Unicaja Andalucía surprised La Zubia, with widely distributed numbers but highlighting the 11 rebounds by Mario Saint-Supery (’06).

The Melilla Sport Capital subsidiary Enrique Soler fell during his visit to ULB, but ORlle Stümer (’00, 26 pt) still in a state of grace.

Merit victory of Ecoculture Almería in its visit to Peñarroya, shining Juanmi Molina (’00 / 20 pt, 7 d) and Valentin Strukov (’00 / 22 pt, 10 re).

DB group

Follow CBSFDO at the top after defeating a top as Huelva Comercio, scoring 16 points Juan Jose Morales (’00).

The fashionable couple of Sagrado Corazón Lithium Iberia, Andreas Tsoumanis (’01 / 27 pt, 13 re) and Mario Linde (’02 / 28 pt, 8 d), made blood against a weak Real Betis Baloncesto B in which they excelled Sheriff Demba (’04 / 11 re) and Diogo Seixas (’04 / 20 pt).

Despite the 16 points from Fernando Quero (’03), Xerez Club Deportivo fell at home to Ciudad de Dos Hermanas.

Important victory for Coria against Gymnástica Portuense, whom he beat by the minimum in the good debut of Elian Malinarich (’01 / 15 pt).

City of Academy Badajoz took Cimbis to extra time, with a great match Alejo Maggi (’02 / 28 pt, 8 d), well supported by Gabriel Pérez (’02 / 15 pt, 6 re, 5 as).

Good game of Joaquin Cebolla (’03), which added 18 points in the comfortable victory of Ciudad de Huelva against Torta del Casar Extremadura de Álex Trapote (’03 / 15 pt).

Group E

Group EA

NB Torrent beat Vila-real at home, with Mark Mensah butt (’01 / 15 pt, 12 re) although erratic in the shot.

He could not close his home game Bauhaus Godella, with Dani Pérez (’01 / 19 pt, 6 d) standing out in the ‘one’ in front of Puerto Sagunto.

Group EB

Full match of Unai Zamora (’01 / 16 pt, 12 re) for Angels Vision UPB Gandia to clearly defeat the CB Alginet subsidiary, where Sergio Romero (’00) he went to 19 points.

EC Group

The EBA is too small for Martín Fernández (’01 / 27 pt, 7 as, 37 val), although their contribution would end up being sterile for La Nucía Lucentum Alicante to defeat the UCAM Murcia CB subsidiary, which had a very choral contribution, highlighting Pau Tendero (’02 / 15 pt) and Yiğit Mestoğlu (’04 / 13 re), among others.

Good match again from Mario Mariscal (’00 / 16 pt) at SCD Carolinas, with a win included against Ilicitano.