First pick of the 2013 draft has a proposal for the MLB

The first pick of the draft of the MLB 2013, Mark Applehas an idea and made a thread about it on Twitter, explaining how the lives of Minor Leaguers can change.

Players need to find affordable and convenient housing during the season.

Current Options:

1. Short-term lease
– Advantages: cheap
– Cons: difficult to find; you cannot get out of the lease if you move; no utilities/furniture.

2. Hotels
– Pros: convenient; no strings attached
– Cons: Too expensive for most (think $60/night on the budget end)

In my 6 years, I have never been in a minor league city for more than 3.5 months, so I opt for hotels but not everyone can afford hotels like me, said player said.


MiLB/MLB announced that teams must provide housing in 2022. This is a huge win that will save players an average of $800/month.

We’re still unclear on what hosting will be provided, but we’re hopeful it will remove one of the biggest stressors for players.


Players must be able to find and pay for food with nutritional value for performance.

Current Options:

1. cook
– Advantages: cheaper; ability to control healthy intake
– Cons: requires a lot of planning/food preparation; you can only cook during the series at home AND IF you have a kitchen

2. Restaurants
– Pros: some healthy options; convenient
– Cons: expensive; not good late at night

3. field
– Pros: free for the player; sometimes nutritious
– Cons: no control over food quality and nutritional value; often very disappointing or not enough to perform every night


Start at all AAA facilities across the country. Most of the players there have time in the MLB.

Build a kitchen in the field, hire two chefs per team, buy fresh ingredients every day, prepare meals every day.

Cheaper for teams, better for players.

dead season

The players need training, lodging AND food, but no one gets paid.

One of my biggest complaints regarding the way MLB organizations handle their minor league offseason is their “half in, half out” approach.

Strength coaches want to help with training programs, but there is no accountability (because of proximity, not communication).

Skills trainers want players to work on skills and submit videos. But, most don’t have money to afford good training/facilities.

Many exercise in the morning and work odd, low-paying jobs (Uber, cashiers, etc.) at night to make their dream come true.

Workouts are done at retail gyms like Planet Fitness or 24 Hour. Throw into a net, hit a tee, build your own mound.


Pay players out of season.



1. Players don’t have to worry about having the resources they need to be ready for the next season.

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First pick of the 2013 draft has a proposal for the MLB