Female boxers report softball players throwing uniforms in the trash

Female boxers report softball players throwing uniforms in the trash

The fighters Brianda Tamara Cruz and Esmeralda Falcons pointed out that the players of the Mexican National Team left their clothes in the Olympic Village

The boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz reported in your account Twitter to the members of the Mexican Softball Team, by throw away the different uniforms that the Mexican Olympic Committee gave to the athletes for their participation in the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

The Mexican boxer showed on social networks the uniforms that were supposedly thrown away by the players and which were found in the garbage of the Olympic Village.

“This uniform represents years of effort, sacrifice and tears. All Mexican athletes yearn to wear it with dignity, and sadly today the Mexican softball team left everything in the garbage of the Olympic villages“wrote the boxer.

Sources close to ESPN they confirmed that It was not only the sports clothing, but also about 10 pieces of equipment were found, including dress uniforms, tennis shoes and some suitcases., which were provided by the sports authorities of Mexico to the members of the softball team.

“It is an enormous sadness, my heart is really crushed. Half a life I dreamed of carrying it and that others throw it away” he declared to ESPN the Mexican boxer, who, in recent days participated for the first time in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While his companion Esmeralda Falcon, another of the boxers to make history for participating for the first time within the discipline in some Olympic Games, wrote in Twitter.

“Perhaps for some of the fellow athletes it means:” nothing “these uniforms for many others represent our years of work, dedication, love and passion. Too bad the Mexican softball team doesn’t see it that way.