Does Freddy Peralta have a chance to fight for the National League Cy Young?

Does Freddy Peralta have a chance to fight for the

The absences of Jacob deGrom have opened the opportunity for at least one debate among a lot of talent for the award for the best pitcher of the Old Circuit.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Freddy peralta, is in the midst of his best season in a four-year major league career since his May 13, 2018 debut against Colorado, where he presented his credentials with 5 2/3 innings striking out 13 opponents.

2021 has been a dream year for the Dominican where he got his first All-Star selection and has remained among the best pitchers during the season in the Power Ranking of Dominican Pitchers and in ‘Al Rojas Vivo’.

But is this enough for the Moca native to deserve to be mentioned in the NL Cy Young race, or going even further, win it?

Inflammation in the elbow Jacob deGrom, winner in 2018 and 2019 in addition to being one of the favorites for this season, has kept him out of action in recent weeks and it is difficult to predict when he will be back, although according to reports the goal is the end of September.

Despite this, the New York Mets’ right remains in the discussion with a 5-2 record, a 1.08 ERA and 146 strikeouts in 92 complete innings.

Returning to Peralta, the Dominican has a record of 9 wins and 3 losses, with 162 strikeouts in 119.1 innings with a 2.26 ERA, numbers that would seem enough to take the award if the season ended today.

However, in the National League there is a lot of competition and several pitchers who as the season has progressed have improved their performance, even surpassing Peralta.

Starting with the Dominican’s teammates: Brandon woodruff Y Corbin burnes. The rights make up one of the best starting rotations in all of Major League Baseball. Woodruff has a 2.18 ERA with a 0.905 WHIP (second in the majors in both categories) and is fourth in strikeouts with 163.

Burnes is not far behind at 7-4, a 2.23 ERA, 0.926 WHIP and 172 strikeouts second in all major leagues, behind only Zack Wheeler who leads with 187.

Precisely one of the candidates is the right-hander of the Phillies who with 10 wins and 7 losses with a 2.56 ERA, in addition to easily averaging his best strikeout mark per 9 innings, will fight.

The Dodgers may not mention other names that we have become accustomed to from injury issues or outside of baseball, but Walker Buehler the leader in the Cy Young Predictor from ESPN (12-2, 2.13, 152 K) and Julio Urías (13-3, 3.29, 149 K) have good cases to win several votes.

Y Kevin Gausman He is one of the most recently mentioned names thanks to the success that the San Francisco Giants are experiencing, for which he is one of the main responsible. His 2.29 ERA, 0.968 WHIP and 162 strikeouts in 137.1 innings keep him second on ESPN’s CYP.

So despite Peralta’s great season, the vote split among the Milwaukee men and great competition from other pitchers make it difficult for us to see a Dominican with a Cy Young award for the first time since Bartolo Colón in 2005.