Almost THREE YEARS LATER: The Gurriel brothers did it again

By Marcos Conde

Today, July 1, a curious fact occurred that directly involved two baseball players from the Cuban Navy in the Majors.

Started today in the MLB, the first to hit a home run was Yunito, who shot a huge 431-foot shot at the Tampa Bay Rays. Later, Yuli hit the ball out of the park at 361 feet from the Los Angeles Angels.

The first time that both brothers had hit homers on the same day was on September 21, 2018, when they each hit two homers against their rivals on duty, who, more coincidentally, were the same as today, Lourdes Jr. . to the Rays and Yulieski to the Angels.

After that occasion where they broke the ice, they coincided again as home runs on June 28, 2019, when the youngest disappeared two balls to the Kansas City Royals and the oldest one to the Seattle Mariners. After that time, it only took five days to repeat the feat, on July 3, when Yunito homered against the Boston Red Sox and Yuli homered against the Colorado Rookies.

Not satisfied with meeting twice in the 2019 season, they did it again twice more in that campaign. The first on July 7, this time Lourdes took the ball out of the park to the Baltimore Orioles and the Astros first baseman again punished the Angels, while the second was a month later, on August 7, when the junior hit home run against the Rays and Yuli against the Roockies.

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Almost THREE YEARS LATER: The Gurriel brothers did it again