Why does Aaron Rodgers deserve the NFL MVP in 2021?

By César Castillo (@ cesar_jul1o)

Despite all the controversy he generated during the offseason due to his desire to get out of Green Bay, as well as all the criticism leveled at him for his vaccination status, Aaron Rodgers’ campaign with the Green Bay Packers has slowly gone taking seasonal dyes from MVP.

Although what Tom Brady did at the age of 44 is extremely impressive, what Rodgers presented both statistically and for the position and level at which he has kept the Packers, with a roster clearly inferior in talent, Makes us wonder: Will we see an MVP season back to back, and the fourth in history for the 37-year-old California quarterback?

Rodgers’ credentials in search of the MVP

Given the controversy that was generated in the offseason, what we would see in terms of Rodgers’ level of play seemed extremely uncertain. Very few of us saw another season coming in which the Green Bay QB was involved in the conversation for the MVP. The truth is that this player – regardless of all the controversies – finds himself breathing down the neck of the almighty and half darling Tom Brady, who is leading the race for this award.

At this time, Rodgers has 3,219 yards (top 10 in the league), 67.3% of his completions and 27 TDs for just 4 INTs. Beyond the number of TD passes and his efficiency when throwing the ball, Rodgers has taken excellent care of the ball – as he has us Badly accustomed– being the QB with the fewest interceptions, something that has characterized him throughout his career and which, without a doubt, the NFC North team is grateful for not putting them at a disadvantage.

All of this seems even more valuable to me when we consider the context in which Rodgers has played: the foot injury that has afflicted him, his absence from COVID-19, in addition to the pressure that falls on his shoulders when he calls this season his “ Last Dance ”. It is undoubtedly a fairly busy and chaotic context that, despite the fact that much of this is due to his reactive nature and personal decisions regarding vaccination, the truth is that he has managed to stay focused on his goal: To direct that much-desired fifth Lombardi to Titletown, Wisconsin.

Statistics aside, Rodgers has shown presence, consistency, resilience to punishment in the face of his injury and clutch plays and moments. No doubt potential arguments for the “Aaron Rodgers MVP back to back” train.

The guy has shown what happens to the level of those led by Matt LaFleur when he is not on the field. This team is a very different one with or without your QB1. What better argument to consider the product of the University of California a potential winner of the MVP. Is that piece jenga that if you remove, it is almost certain that the team will collapse.

Does controversy over their vaccination status hurt their aspirations?

I really doubt that this will hurt his career for the MVP nomination. The fine imposed on the QB for violating COVID-19 protocols was truly ridiculous. If putting the health and integrity of his colleagues at risk was not a reason for a greater penalty, I doubt that it could affect his aspirations for such recognition.

In addition to this, it seems to me that the battle for this award will be largely defined by how those involved in the fight (Brady, Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Matthew Stafford) are able to guide their teams in the postseason. Si the good moment that the Rodgers Packers are going through continues, this will gradually leave the controversy of their vaccination status in oblivion and will go into the background, being something almost inconsequential for the NFL Awards voting.

In this league something has become clear: on many occasions, talent prevails over public morals and the problems that a certain player may represent. In this case, I don’t see why it wouldn’t apply in the possible votes for Rodgers.

What would stop Rodgers from repeating as MVP?

Without a doubt the biggest obstacle for Rodgers to add his fourth trophy has a first and last name and is Tom Brady. This quarterback’s season is being statistically crazy at 44 years old, plus he has the Bucs competing at the top of the NFC.

Analyzing other names, Matthew Stafford and Kyler Murray are equally candidates who could increase their stock as the postseason approaches and they continue to shine. In particular, they would make sense if what you are looking for is to open the way for new names to hang the most valuable player tag. With Murray they would award a young star in his short stay in the league. With Stafford we would witness divine justice to a great career trapped in a place as mediocre as Detroit.

That said, the chances of Rodgers crowning his fourth MVP seem highly likely to me. He has his team competing for the first seed in the conference, he has shown constancy in his level of play and time and time again he has made it clear to us why he is one of the best QB in the history of the sport, with an arm and skills. privileged that show pure talent in a hostile environment and a lot of criticism – well deserved – for him.

Would you agree to give Aaron Rodgers the MVP? What would your candidate be? We read in the comments under this article and on our social networks.

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Why does Aaron Rodgers deserve the NFL MVP in 2021?