“Why am I not allowed to visit Michael Schumacher?”

A few days after the premiere Michael Schumacher documentary on Netflix, a production that has the official support of the family of the German pilot, the former manager of the ‘Kaiser’, Willi weber, launched harsh criticism of the wife of the 7-time world champion, Corinna Betsch, in statements to German television ‘RTL’. The one who was a key figure in Michael’s career, since he financed his arrival in Formula 3 to later be his representative between 1988 and 2009, in addition to also supporting Ralf Schumacher, complains that Corinna has not responded to his calls and letters and do not let your former representative see you.

Since Michael Schumacher suffered the ski accident That changed his life on December 29, 2013, at the Méribel station, Corinna opted for total secrecy regarding the state of health and recovery of the pilot, who is in his medicalized home in Switzerland. Only a few can visit Michael, such as Jean Todt, who revealed that he sees Schumacher about twice a month. However, Corinna does not seem to want Willi Weber to get close to her husband.

“Until today: no phone calls, no letter. On this day of overwhelming pain, I know that she has erased me from her life “he said on ‘RTL’. “Why am I just a worn tire for your wife after all these years and I no longer fit? Why am I not allowed to visit Michael? Why are you punishing me? ”, added the also German, 79 years old.

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According to Weber, Corinna’s decision against him could be based on a “mistake” Willi himself made when he learned of Schumacher’s accident in 2013. “I made a mistake. Back then, I didn’t get on the plane right away and went to the hospital. I saw the crowd and thought I didn’t have to queue now. “Willi thought he shouldn’t wait and would visit Michael later, but he was wrong.” It was wrong! I should have gone right away. I felt miserable, I suffered like a dog”.

Weber already made similar statements in 2019, in the Kölner Express, in which he considered the possibility that Corinna fears that if Weber enters Michael’s house and knows his real condition, he will reveal it to the world. “I know Michael has been hit very hard, but unfortunately I don’t know what kind of progress is being made in his situation. I would love to know how you are doing, shake your hand or just stroke your face. Unfortunately Corinna won’t let me. Surely he is afraid that I will immediately realize what is happening and make the truth public “he said on that occasion.