Who is the receiver with the most receiving yards in an NFL season?

The NFL It is a league with more than a hundred years and thousands of games in its history. With so much travel, American football has great brands and records that seem to be difficult to break.

The SportingNews features one that’s been around for a decade and may not last long: more passing yards for a receiver during the regular season.

Who is the receiver with the most receiving yards in an NFL season?

With four NFL titles but none since the Super Bowl began in 1966 (crownings in 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957), Detroit Lions It is the second team that accumulates the most time without celebrating in the NFL, only behind arizona cardinalschampion in 1947 when the team was based in Chicago.

Great legends went through the franchise without winning a ring, but Calvin Johnson made his mark with a phenomenal 2012 season. That year, the skilled receiver became the player with the most passing yards in an NFL season by rushing 1964 with the ball in his hands. In this way she removed the mark from the mythical Jerry Rice (1848).

The 81, who was the cover of the famous video game Maddenaveraged 122.8 yards in the regular season and finished with 5 TDs. matthew stafford, later champion with the Los Angeles Rams, sought him out 204 times and there was a connection in 122 shipments. His mean is slightly lower than his. Charlie Hennigan, which in 1961 finished with 1,746 in 14 games (124.7). If the account is limited exclusively to tight endsthe one who accumulated the most passing yards in a calendar year is Travis Kelcewith the Kansas City Chiefs (1,416), in 2020.

Why could there be a new brand owner? The NFL instituted a 17-game regular season (one more than before), so players need a lower average yards per game than the former Detroit Lions recorded. In 2021, under this system, Cooper Kupp got really close and finished just 17 yards behind.

Pos. Player Equipment Year yards
1 Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions 2012 1964
two cooper kupp Los Angeles Rams 2021 1947
3 Julius Jones Atlanta Falcons 2015 1,871
4 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers nineteen ninety five 1,848
5 Anthony Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 1,834
6 isaac bruce St.Louis Rams nineteen ninety five 1,781
7 Charlie Hennigan Houston Oilers 1961 1,746
8 michael thomas New Orleans Saints 2019 1,725
9 marvin harrison Indianapolis Colts 2002 1,722
10 Anthony Brown Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 1,698

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Who is the receiver with the most receiving yards in an NFL season?