Varane is still in the maze

1626500891 Varane is still in the maze

Raphael varane still not responding to the offer to renew the Real Madrid, which was presented to him several weeks ago. Time has elapsed without the footballer having sent a response to the white club, so the feeling grows that the French central defender has decided to put full stop to his cycle at Real Madrid, which he arrived in 2011. Ten years later, his future points to the Premier League, where, apart from Manchester United, has appeared in the last weeks the option of the Chelsea. The third goes, that of the PSG, seems to have faded for Varane after the Paris landing of Sergio Ramos, without forgetting the fact that the player is more seduced by the adventure of trying his luck in England than by French football, which he already knows from his brief adventure in the Lens.

“Manchester United is waiting for the OK from Varane’s representative”

Thus, all roads point to a departure from the French central, four-time champion of Europe with Madrid, and the doubt lies in knowing when that march will take place. Logically, Real Madrid prefers it to be this summer, because that will allow them to enter a important sum by a footballer who, in the summer of 2022, will leave free from the club Bernabu. Its market value is around 70 million euros, although the fact of facing the last year of your contract may reduce that figure. In any case, it would be a good pinch for the white coffers, which come from losing 300 million euros in the 20-21 because of the pandemic, despite which the club has ended the year with almost a million euros of benefits. Any help is welcome at the Bernabu, where they try to square numbers for what may be the great operation of the summer, which is none other than the signing of Kylian mbapp.

Nor can it be said that Varane’s position has surprised Madrid. Before the duel back to him Chelsea, the player already cleared all the balls when asked about his future after a cover of BRAND in which they spoke of their doubts to continue in white. The footballer was sincere and did not want to feed false hopes, and not during the Euro with France he gave more clues. His good role in the national team tournament, despite the early departure of Les Bleus, kept his cache in the eyes of his suitors, to which is added a Chelsea that, like PSG, seems immune for the purposes of the economic crisis derived from the covid.

Madrid ‘pamper’ Varane on his tenth birthday as a white player

Special footballer, different from the archetype according to those who know him best, money is not the only thing that motivates his decisions. The option of broadening horizons and trying new experiences also weighs heavily. In Madrid he has won everything and his duo with Ramos, who has also taken the road out, although under very different circumstances, has become legendary.

Although the club still clings to the possibility that Varane reconsider the white offer, the truth is that he is obliged to look straight ahead. Has arrived Praise, has been renovated to Nacho until 2023, Militao has a contract until 2025, Vallejo He returns from assignment in search of a hole and from below he presses Gila, a footballer in whom the club places great hopes. The option of going to the market if ‘Rafa’ leaves is, to this day, very remote.