Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have reason to envy Jared Goff

The detroit lions (5-7) have shown they can compete with the best teams in the nfl on the season 2022 by winning four of the last five games and an important factor has been the performance of the quarterback Jared Goff, who has better numbers than elite quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

Although Goff was invited to the Pro Bowl in 2017 and 2018 during his stay with the Rams and winning the NFC West, the quarterback declared for the team website what do you knowe has performed the best this year compared to other campaigns.

I feel like I’m playing the best football of my career.Goff said. “I’ve played good football throughout my career, but I feel more like myself than ever. I’m getting older, I understand the game more and it’s all adding up little by little.”

Goff arrived in Detroit in March 2021 through a trade with which the Los Angeles Rams acquired Matthew Stafford. Since then, andhe quarterback has wanted to give the Lions a winning season. To have a positive record, the Detroit franchise must win at least four of the five remaining games on the schedule: Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

“Since I arrived here, knowing the history of the place, the goal is to win and enjoy winning in this city to give the fans what they deserve and they’ve been craving it for a long time,” the quarterback said.

However, the California graduate is aware that there are still details to work on for the Lions to advance to the playoffs. “We’re not there yet, we’re 5-7, but there’s a lot of positive right now and we’re moving in the right direction,” Goff explained.

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Better than Brady, Rodgers and Mahomes

At the moment, Goff has more passing yards than Aaron Rodgers, fewer interceptions than Patrick Mahomes and more touchdown passes than Tom Brady. The Packers quarterback has 2,864 passing yards while the Lions’ quarterback has 3,022. In the case of interceptions, Mahomes has committed eight and Goff seven. Finally, TB12 has only thrown 16 touchdown passes to the 19 of the California graduate.

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Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have reason to envy Jared Goff