The photo of the “allowed” of Messi that generated a cataract of memes: the dart to Cristiano Ronaldo

The photo of the allowed of Messi that generated a
Leo Messi with the hamburger. The Instagram story that went viral
Leo Messi with the hamburger. The Instagram story that went viral

After dedicating himself to the Copa América, in what was his first title with the Argentine national team at a higher level, Lionel messi He enjoys a well-deserved vacation in Miami with his family, before closing his future, which everything indicates that he will continue to be linked to Barcelona. Although the Rosario crack takes great care and is super professional, these days you can indulge yourself and among them was a hamburger whose photo was uploaded as an Instagram story. The image went viral, like everything Leo uploads, but this time the memes also exploded.

The captain of the Selection shows two hamburgers and an egg, among other ingredients, but with a particular detail, which is a knife sunk in the plate so that the sandwich does not fall apart. Messi looks smiling and that gave rise to the reactions of people on social networks, as a joke against those who take care of themselves at meals and opt for a healthier life. There was also some dart for Cristiano Ronaldo, a fan of his physique.

For example, one who pointed to the Portuguese striker recalled when CR7 preferred to drink water and not soda at a press conference during the last European Championship: “Cristiano: ‘oh, don’t drink Coca, it is bad for your health.'” And he put an emoji approving Messi’s menu.

Then the rest praised Leo: “If Messi eats a hamburger with a razor, me too.” “It took 16 years for Messi to get his first title with the senior team; deservedly, Messi eats that hamburger and the hamburger does digestion by itself. I eat that hamburger and I have not digested in 16 years ”.

“I don’t know if I want to eat Messi or a hamburger.”

“Messi, being a high-performance athlete, nails a double hamburger with fried egg and you salami, you do your fitness because you go out for a run for an hour a week and on Sunday you don’t have dinner.

“Look at Messi nailing himself a terrible hamburger and you eating grass and vegetables doing your fitness.”

“Lionel Messi for nailing himself a hamburger, this man is in his prime.”

Also there were glowing messages for Leo’s physique, who put his abs on display for the image.

– “Shall we eat a hamburger?”

– “There is no, how disgusting, I’m a vegetarian.”

– “And if Lionel Messi invites you.”

“Messi in leather and a good hamburger sandwich in the same photo.”

Messi’s vacation in Miami ended up becoming a reality show in the face of the boom that was generated by the footballer’s presence after his feat in the Copa América in Brazil. Either because of the luxurious property that he rented, because of the agglomeration caused by his presence at the exit of the Cafe Ragazzi or because of his predisposition to greet every child or fan who asks for a photo or an autograph. And even for a hamburger, which was all the rage on the networks.