The Patriots shut out Atlanta and are still on the rise

With great defensive work and offensive balance, the Patriots added their fifth consecutive victory in the 2021 NFL Season, now against Atlanta.

After beating the Browns in Week 10, the Patriots kicked off Week 11 with a fairly quiet win over the Falcons who could do little to resist. Although Atlanta’s defense struggled to keep the game close, the offensive problems were too great and New England ended up winning the game 25-0 to go 7-4 and keep thinking about the postseason.

This result makes it clear that both teams are going in very different directions during the 2021 NFL Season.

The fall of the Falcons

This was a night where nothing went on the offensive for Atlanta. The Falcons’ attack produced just 165 total yards, adding 125 on passes and 40 on the ground. Add to that all the mistakes made: Matt Ryan threw two interceptions, Younghoe Koo missed a field goal and Kyle Pitts, the star rookie, was limited to three receptions for 29 yards.

With this defeat the Falcons are 4-6 and are in full decline, moving further and further away from the possibility of going to the postseason. And the schedule will do little for them: Next week they’ll face the Jaguars in a winnable game, but after that come engagements against the Buccaneers, Panthers and 49ers. The season is slipping away from Arthur Smith, and there seems to be little they can do to prevent it.

The rise of the Patriots

New England, meanwhile, is still on the rise this season with its fifth win in a row and playing fairly balanced football. Offensively they produced 308 yards (174 passing and 134 rushing), and the key seems to be using every available element.

On the ground the attack was divided between Rhamondre Stevenson (12 carries, 69 yards) and Damien Harris (10 carries, 56 yards). In the passing game, Mac Jones was dividing the ball between Kendrick Bourne (4 receptions, 42 yards), Nelson Agholor (5 receptions, 40 yards, 1 TD), Jakobi Meyers (4 receptions, 39 yards) and six other receivers with at least a caught pass.

This offensive work had a huge defensive backing, as they kept the Falcons totally in control and even had the luxury of scoring on an interception from Kyle Van Noy to Josh Rosen.

Now, this winning streak comes at an excellent time for New England, as now comes the moment of truth for them in the season, as their next games are much more complicated. They will start facing the Titans next week, then play the Bills twice in a span of four weeks. Between those two games are a game against Indianapolis and their bye week.

If New England manages to come out with a positive balance from those four games then the playoffs will be basically assured. Obviously the Bills know it and are aware that a couple of victories over the Pats tie up the division, so we will have to be vigilant.

But one thing is certain: New England comes at a very good time to this part of the season, and it’s hard to think that Bill Belichick won’t have them ready for those games.

How far can the Patriots go in the season? Can you think of fighting the division against the Bills? We wait for your comments.

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The Patriots shut out Atlanta and are still on the rise