The NFL Power Rankings at the end of Week 2

With Week 2 of the regular season complete, it’s time to check out our NFL Power Rankings

Concluded the Week 2 of the regular season and it is time to rank the teams in the NFL, with those that left the worst taste in the mouth at the bottom of the list and the best at the beginning. The defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on a perfect stride in their quest for the second consecutive title of Super bowl after a magnificent performance at home against the Atlanta Falcons on a Sunday game that included some surprises.

The Carolina panthers, San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo bills had resounding triumphs to establish themselves in the upper part of our Power Rankings in a season that couldn’t be more promising.

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Many weeks of excitement await us so, without further ado, we order the franchises of the NFL as shown after two weeks of action.

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.


Defying any forecast, Tom brady he’s a better quarterback in his 40s than he ever was in his 20s, and an eighth ring of Super bowl it looks very, very achievable. – RZ


Now that they have a solid quarterback in Matthew stafford, the Rams they’re really dangerous even if your defense decides to take the day off. – EC


San Francisco He has already shown that he can win games with few points and also duels with many scores, but now comes a great challenge, depending on what Aaron Rodgers is presented, when they open the campaign at home before the Packers, with those who have pending accounts. – LMV


Kyler Murray has become a master at escapism. If he can minimize the still multiple errors he commits per game, this Arizona team is up for the big stuff. – RZ


The Ravens not only need that Lamar jackson is healthy to aspire to win games, it does not matter if the opponent in turn is the favorite team to represent the American Conference in the Super Bowl, the defense must collaborate from time to time with some steals for this to happen. – EC


Deliveries in the second half put an end to their intention to go 2-0 and at the top of our hierarchical list, but they have seen two teams that are sure to face each other in January if injuries don’t get in the way. – LMV


Buffalo he was reunited with a superlative level, helped to a great extent by a ruthless rival. If Buffalo’s pressure on the passers remains constant, this team can put many opponents through the same fate. – RZ


Nobody expected Raiders They will start the season 2-0 with such a complicated start to the calendar and they have a perfect record, I would not rule out that the team has a couple more surprises in the hat this season. – EC


Cleveland suffered more than the score says against some Texans that seemed easy prey and more when Tyrod taylor could not continue at the visitor controls. – LMV


The name to follow in Carolina It’s Phil Snow’s. The defensive coordinator of the Panthers has the team headed for a dark horse role in the NFC. – RZ


There is nothing like a match against Lions home to regain some of the lost confidence, now that the Packers they are once again on the road to victory raising their hands again as candidates in the National Conference. – EC


More than one will wonder why they do not receive a higher rating, but it seems to me that they are in a fair position since their two wins were against Giants and Jaguars and we just have to see where those rivals are located. – LMV


With the possibility of dominating matches for long periods, it is disappointing that matches of Seattle they get out of hand towards the end. – RZ


The Saints lost 11 spots on our list with good reason, after surprisingly beating the Packers in Week 1 they were dominated in Carolina, the attack looked predictable and the defense could not control Christian mccaffrey, it looks like it will be a season of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in New orleans. – EC


The balance for the lone star team must be positive after two games as visitors and they must show at home, against the Eagles, who can fight the top of the East of the National. – LMV


The offensive line of the Steelers he is unable to protect one of the least mobile, and therefore most vulnerable quarterbacks in the NFL. That is not a good combination. – RZ


It is no secret to anyone that the success of Titans depends on the legs of Derrick Henry, who could run at pleasure in Seattle. Yes Henry finds spaces the door opens for an air strike that could be explosive spearheaded by July jones, but I insist, only if Henry open the door. – EC


The defense feasted on Zach Wilson, awarded his first professional triumph to Mac JonesBut there is still a lot of work ahead for Bill Belichick and company as not every weekend will be that simple. – LMV


Philly will resent losing to Brandon graham on the defensive line, but even more worrying is that Jalen hurts he would not have to be the leading rider for this attack. – RZ


The Chargers were electrocuted at home by Cowboys, on the field and in the stands with an overwhelming dominance of the visiting fans at SoFi Stadium. If after a promising start they failed to attract their fans to the stadium, Sunday’s poor display will not help their cause to take root soon in The Angels. – EC


Any type of motivation that will give them victory against the Patriots was pulverized with the loss at home to the Bills and now it remains to wait how serious is the injury of Tua Tagovailoa. Disappointing outlook in Florida. – LMV


Matt nagy he resists an obvious change that means a step forward for the franchise, and that only brings him closer to what now seems an imminent dismissal. – RZ


It does not matter that it was against Giants nor that it has been suffered to the end, a victory is a victory in the NFL. But Washington cannot rest easy, he needs a better defensive effort to give him a chance to compete in the attack headed now by Taylor heinicke. – EC


With so many ball deliveries and so many captures on Joe burrowIt is surprising that they have not been beaten Chicago because the process of the game was for them to lose by at least double digits. – LMV


The worst thing that could happen to Houston was an injury to Tyrod taylor, who seems to have aroused the wrath of the football gods in a previous life. – RZ


The Vikings they fell within a last second field goal of beating the Cardinals, now they have to carry a 0-2 record, but the good news is that the rest of their divisional rivals also had a slow start to the season so they can set course soon. – EC


Things must be tense in the locker room after losing two in a row at home to start the season no matter that their mishaps were against contenders, but the good news is that they seem to be in a division where only they and the Titans they will compete. – LMV


The most obvious lesson of the “MNF” regarding Detroit, is that it is not very difficult to break the fighting spirit of the Lions.– RZ


The problem with Falcons It is not that they lose matches, but that they lose their hunger for victory on the field very quickly, beyond an ephemeral reaction against the Buccaneers, Atlanta has shown absolutely nothing in the season. – EC


An out of place deprived them of their first in the year and perhaps appear at least seven steps above their current position that has them in the penultimate position and at the bottom of the East of the National with a 0-2 mark being the the only ones who still do not know the victory. – LMV


There was a moment in the game when Zach Wilson had four complete passes to players from the Jets, and four complete passes to players from the Patriots. That is not the way to success. – RZ

In just two weeks there is something that has become clear in Jacksonville, not everyone is buying the message of Urban meyer and that is worrisome. The team seems disconnected in all its lines and its few good moments have come in sparks of Trevor lawrence. – EC

They participated in these NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafael Zamorano (RZ).