The great opportunity of “Mr.Irrelevant”

Carlos Mateos Gil

Sports writing, 12 Dec. Last April Brock Purdy, starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, was hearing up to 261 names one by one during the NFL draft that took place at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas.

He was number 262, the last one, that player who each season has the dubious honor of being baptized “Mr.Irrelevant” despite the fact that it is still a privilege to join a squad and be part of the elite of American football.

In this way, everything indicated that his first steps in the league were going to be on rough ground, due to draft capital and the great competition existing in his position. On one side the figure of Trey Lance, selected almost 260 positions above him, with the 3, in 2021. On the other that of Jimmy Garoppolo, a veteran player who at the time was in the shadow of Tom Brady in the New England Patriots and for a few seasons he had become the owner of the franchise.

A priori, the fight to take the reins of the Californians was going to be in the hands of the last two, with a certain advantage in the start for Lance after he had left some sparkles during the year of his debut.

What was an intuition was confirmed in the first game of the season, when the young talent was designated as starting quarterback. Unfortunately for him, the opportunity as it came, is gone. A serious ankle injury that occurred on the second day against the Seattle Seahawks left him sidelined for the entire course.

In this way, Garoppolo, whose departure was rumored in the preseason, assumed the leading role that seemed to have been lost. He did not start his new career on the right foot when his team fell 11-10 against the Denver Broncos. But from that moment on the 49ers began to fuel, winning six of their next eight games.

This dynamic led to talk of a possible fight for the ring of champions while highlighting the resurgence of a quarterback who seemed seen for sentencing months ago. However, physical problems reappeared for a team that has generally been hit hard by them this season.

Against the Miami Dolphins, the offensive leader suffered a fractured left foot that will keep him out of action for the next few weeks. Under the circumstances, all eyes turned to Purdy.

Chiseled at the University of Iowa for four years, until then he had only stepped onto the field briefly as a backup to Garoppolo. Despite this, before the Florida team, his personality convinced coach Kyle Shanahan. So much so that he chose to continue betting on him and not sign a quarterback with a sign that would relegate him to the bench.

Purdy returned that show of confidence in a highly relevant scenario such as the confrontation that measured his team against Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In that appointment he became the first rookie quarterback to defeat the ‘legend’ of the oval in his first start and the first “Mr.Irrelevant” to start a regular season opener in his position and pass a touchdown.

In addition, his team won resoundingly (35-7) and, as if that were not enough, he scored a great career touchdown under the watchful eye of his father, who was captured on camera emotionally in a video that went viral on the internet. social networks.

Purdy is fashionable, exciting, and the fans place many of their hopes of fighting for the title in him. With nothing ahead of him in the short term, it is up to him to defend his current condition and assert himself with an eye to the future against Lance who is returning from injury and Garoppolo who is ending his contract and may not continue. At the time Brady was chosen with the number 199, the demonstration that there are no limits no matter how low the starting point is. EFE


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The great opportunity of “Mr.Irrelevant”