The Cowboys star who keeps getting sanctioned and may lose $ 46,350


The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has been fined in five of the six games he has played in NFL 2021, a savage!

CeeDee Lamb.


© Maddie Meyer / Getty ImagesCeeDee Lamb.

Dallas cowboys is having a great season in the National Football League (NFL) 2021, with a defense that has changed its face from last year, and an attack led by Dak prescott full of figures, with a young receiver that does not stop improving.

That is CeeDee Lamb, second-year player from the university of Oklahoma, selected in the first round of the 2020 Draft. 609 yards (team leader) and four annotations. But as talented as he is, the WR will not stop being fined in 2021.

In 5 of Dallas’ first 7 games, Lamb has been fined a total of $ 46,865. Twice it was for having the shirt out of pants, contrary to league rules, another was for having the lower averages than regulated, without covering her calf and also paid for a illegal blocking on the back. Finally, the last one, and perhaps the one that has hurt the least, was $ 10,300, for taunt a defender in the winning score against New England Patriots in overtime.

+ CeeDee Lamb’s play on the Patriots and subsequent spending.

The next one will be more expensive for CeeDee Lamb

The first time he was fined for having the shirt loose, it was for $ 5,150, the second for $ 15,450 and if it happens again, it will be $ 46,350. With a base salary of $ 1.247 million, has already lost 3.75% in fines in just seven games and his teammates have noticed.

“I have never seen a player so young (22 years old) be fined so much”said his partner, catcher Amari Cooper. “He’s had a ticket almost every week. It’s very confusing to me. He’s kind, ‘You like money? Do you like to get paid? ‘”.

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The Cowboys star who keeps getting sanctioned and may lose $ 46,350