The 5 things we learned from NFL Week 4

As it almost always happens with the moments we long for so much, the time in the waiting room feels much slower than normal, it’s like watching Tom Brady run on a broken playBut when it all starts the clock speeds up like the spiral of a touchdown pass from the greatest quarterback in history.

The first month of the 2021 season is already in the record books. In four weeks, most of the 32 organizations are approaching a quarter of the NFL’s new extended schedule. As always, the league has had big surprises, outstanding individual performances, and various disappointments.

During the fourth week, the fashion for tight markers remained and two games needed extra time to define the winner. In the memoirs of the league, eIt is the fifth time (2021, 2018, 2002, 1983 and 1979), that during each of the first four weeks of the campaign, at least one match played until overtime.

The two organizations of New York qThat until before Sunday they remained without victories, it was the teams that took the victory in overtime. The Giants overcame an 11-point deficit to defeat New Orleans and the Jets passed the Titans.

Anyone Can Beat Anyone Who is the real No1 in the NFC?

The overtime victories of the two Big Apple teams were not the only unexpected endings that Week 4 delivered. When many already had the Los Angeles Rams as their strong card for represent the NFC in the Super Bowl to be played in February under the lights of Hollywood, the Cardinals altered the landscape by placing themselves with a record de 4-0 for the first time since 2022, thanks to a resounding victory over the Rams. Arizona threw the ball 32 times and ran another 40 plays. For the MVP Watch section, Iván Pirrón has a new legitimate candidate. Kyler Murray had 286 passing yards with two touchdowns and 39 yards rushing. Some might say it’s a loss that comes in time for the Rams and their home-game aspirations the next SB, but there are others who think Sunday’s result puts the Cardinals on their way to the big game.

Dak Prescott is a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback

To keep us in the NFC and organizations with ambitions to play through February, the Cowboys taught us that they can be that dream come true. Removing a field goal that snatched their Week 1 win against the champion Buccaneers, the lone star team has unleashed a spectacular offense as a three-lane rodeo. Against Carolina’s defense that came in as the best in terms of sacks and quarterback pressure, Dallas and its franchise player Dak Prescott completed 14 of 22 passes for 188 yards and four touchdown passes. When the ball is in the hands of the $ 160 million man, the Cowboys have a chance to score. Prescott’s leadership is not just based on numbers. Unlike the loss to Tampa Bay in which it happened for 403 yards on 58 attempts, now Dallas’ offense has found support in an old house formula: rushing the ball. Both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard have become the perfect complement by running the ball and taking some pressure off Prescott’s arm.

Elliott rushed for 143 yards and a score in the win over Carolina. The Dallas running back has 50 TDs on the ground and 10 TDs in 75 career games, the fifth player to reach these numbers in NFL history.

It’s still early in the year for Jerry Jones to slow down and ruin everything he has accomplished, but the Cowboys are already on the radar of contending teams to play the SB representing the NFC and end the quarter-century drought.

Make way for the Wagons of the Bills

As if it were a pass to the past when Buffalo was recognized as a robust and resilient team, the defense is presented this season. Phe second game in four weeks the Bills allowed no points from their rival. It is the third team to achieve this milestone, the most recent being the Baltimore Ravens who in 2000 achieved the Vince Lombardi. On offense for the third straight game, the Bills had 35 or more units on the board. On Sunday night primetime they face the Chiefs in a potential AFC final, we’ll see how tough the wagons are in this caravan led by Josh Allen.

Mahomes is still Mahomes

While the Chiefs’ defense looks like a ramshackle car that urgently needs to get into a shop to put its parts together, Patrick Mahomes He reminded us that there is no rival he cannot beat or circumstance he cannot overcome. In his 50th career start, the Chiefs quarterback recorded five touchdown passes while wide receiver Tyreek Hill had 11 receptions for 186 yards and three touchdowns in a win over Philiadelphia. Andy Reid became the first head coach in NFL history to achieve at least 100 multi-team wins.

Mahomes is 40-10 in his first 50 games as a professional. He wins eight games out of 10. With five touchdown passes in Week 4, Mahomes became the fifth quarterback with three touchdown passes or more in each of his first four games of a season.

End of an emotional week

The first month of the season ended, under the lights of Sunday night Brady taught us that as almost always what he does best is win despite everything and Bill Belichick who has the ability to make even the best quarterback in history look as one more player.