Tata Martino … ‘The postman (Ch14) always calls twice’

LOS ANGELES – As in James Cain’s book – The Postman Always Calls Twice – Javier Hernández sent two violent and picturesque epistles wrapped in a glorious net to Gerardo Martino.

While remaining segregated from Tata’s appetites, and packaged between Yon de Luisa’s grudges, Javier Hernández has made the score hoot ten times in ten games, in his redeeming and redeeming MLS campaign.

Meanwhile, one of Gerardo Martino’s senile whims, Alan Pulido, scores a goal, but receives a kick and an injury to his right foot. Lacerado, complaining and pouting, it seems difficult that Pulido, at least, can appear before the group of idlers from Nigeria, next Saturday.

With Henry Martín in the Olympic Selection, José Juan Macías injured, and Santiago Ormeño already singing the National Anthem of Peru (“We are free, let’s always be”), on the post-pandemic shelf, he only has Rogelio Funes Mori, whose latest feat It was to quote Chavela Vargas (“Mexicans are born where we win our refusal”), because in the networks, his last deposit was on April 3, and before the zombies of San Luis.

Fortunately and unfortunate for Martino, while Funes Mori adds more than 72 days without a goal, in 72 hours, the postman Javier Hernández has knocked on the door of his stubborn foolishness, three times, once against Vancouver and two before the trembling Earthquakes, no They shake no one, but they do receive tremendous shocks since the arrival of Matías Almeyda.

And while Funes Mori is still in the dungeon of his traumas for not being able to exceed the mark of the Suazo Pacifier with Monterrey, Chicharito has escaped from his atavisms, and confirms that he has redeemed himself from his flaws and from his self-destruction process perpetrated during 2019 and 2020 .

Before San José, Javier Hernández himself collaborates in the manufacture of his goals. In the first, he opens on Kevin Cabral from the right, he throws a powerful 30-meter sprint, to reach the area, with Swiss punctuality, and shoot goalkeeper James Marcinkowski.

The 2-0 is a twin of the 1-0. This time, he opens to the right on the Frenchman Samuel Grandsir, who returns to the intersection of the area, where Chicharito appears to strike down, after a powerful takeoff.

It is clear, as in his previous eight entries, that Javier Hernández, heavy, slow, disorderly, physically and mentally disjointed, from 2019 and 2020, not even despite his addiction to “let’s imagine chingonas things”, would have even dared to try both plays.

After the Postman Hernández has knocked on his door twice this Saturday, everything would indicate that Martino would feel relieved by the mental and muscular arthritis of Funes Mori with Rayados, the injuries of Pulido and Macías, and the banishment of Martín to the Olympic .

Tata must surely feel harassed by so much flirtation and winks from the Galaxy scorer. Especially because Martino, champion with Atlanta United, has preached, with apparent sincerity, that MLS is a “very competitive” league, “very strong and of a high level,” and that “it will soon be among the best in the world.”

So, by breaking networks of that “very competitive” league, “very strong and of a high level”, and that “will soon be among the best in the world”, it would have to be within the coach’s visual field, even above the lagañas, strabismus and keratoconia caused by the veto ordered by Yon de Luisa.

It is insisted that the supposed leaders of El Tri on the brink of retirement, and with worn stripes, due to their own escapades, slips and absurdities, oppose the return of Javier Hernández. Are Andrés Guarded, Guillermo Ochoa, Héctor Herrera and Héctor Moreno really above the urgencies of the Mexican National Team?

And it must be remembered that a true leader, if Gerardo Martino is one, does not adjust his project to the venial and banal whims of his declining referents, but to the genuineness of his plan, his obligations and his goals, in this case, win the Gold Cup, dominate the World Cup qualifying round and put Mexico among the eight seeds for Qatar 2022, which today seems impossible.

However, it is usually an elusive and very punctual behavior among the technicians, that of playing with being Pontius Pilatos, as circumstances determine. Pure Manichaeism.

Because Javier Aguirre did the same with Andrés Guardado, whom he took for a walk with his caireles in South Africa 2010. Or in the same way, Ricardo La Volpe justified his tantrums and resentments with Cuauhtémoc Blanco in Germany 2006. And despite the opposition of his alleged captains, Juan Carlos Osorio, made and undone with his rotations on the route to Russia 2018.

In addition, it is worth reiterating that, when speaking of second chances, Gerardo Martino is a button of that compassionate, pious and merciful display of football towards those who ominously perpetrate colossal failures, such as those of Tata himself with Barcelona and the Argentine National Team, to despite having the best footballer of the time.

For now, there remains the constancy, the invitation, the warning, the imploration for Martino, under the seal of one of the classic works of the delicious genre of black literature, this one, that of James Cain: “El Postero (Javier Hernández) Always Call Twice ”.