Patrick Mahomes is still the king of the NFL

11/22/2022 at 11:09


The Kansas quarterback is in a state of plethoric form in command of some Chiefs who aspire to win the championship ring, as they already did in 2020

Patrick Mahomes is showing why he is the most unpredictable quarterback in the entire NFL, and is currently the top MVP candidate of the season

After a disappointing season finale on 21/22, in which the Kansas City Chiefs lost surprisingly in the AFC final against the cincinnati bengalsthe team led by Andy Reid is having one of the best seasons since he took over as head coach in 2013.

And his quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, he’s getting back to being that player indefensible and unrecognizable to opposing defenders that terrifies all nfl.

The Chiefs, with the march of Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins Last offseason, they seemed too weak a team at the Wide Receiver position. The duo between Hill and Mahomes was one of the most feared in the entire league, with a game deep that left rival secondaries virtually unanswered.

In addition to Hill, the franchise lost other very important assets for the team in other positions, such as Tyrann Mathieuone of the best safeties in the league, and Demarcus Robinson and Byron Pringle at the WR position, another setback for Mahomes’ range in terms of receivers.

Beyond the name losses on their roster, the AFC West teams, with Chargers, Raiders and Broncos, they added elite players to their rosters and exponentially raised the level of a division dominated by the Chiefs. Davante Adams, Russell Wilson or Khalil Mack They were some of the names that came to a division full of individual talent and that was presented as the most competitive in the entire NFL.

With all this panorama, a difficult season was predicted for the Chiefs, at least, fighting until the end to capture the first place in the division, something that has become the tonic in the last few weeks.last six seasons, in which Andy Reid’s team has won the AFC West almost without a contest.

The reality is that Kansas, after ten games played, leads this division and the american conference with eight victories and only two defeats, with a patrick mahomes in mode MVP which is proving (once again) why it is the best player in the league.

The numbers speak for themselves. The Kansas quarterback accumulates 3,265 passing yards this season and 28 touchdown passes, leading the league in both records. In his more than 366 passes attempted, he has thrown seven interceptions, not an alarming figure and one that doesn’t seem to worry an offense that improvement over the matches thanks to the stellar level of their quarterback.

Mahomes’ last performance against the Chargers, a game in which led the winning drive of the meeting once again displaying his wide range of resources, he has once again put on the table the firm candidacy of Kansas to reach the super bowlas he did for the last time in 2021, the year in which he lost the grand final against Tom Brady and his Buccaneers.

Against the Los Angeles team, that was seen again unstoppable version of Mahomes, finding his receivers with astonishing ease and releasing passes extremely accurate in areas of the field populated with defenders. The game ended with 329 passing yards in which he connected for three touchdowns.

On this play, Mahomes completed a 17-yard pass to travis kelcehis favorite offensive partner, to score the touchdown and come back from the game at the last minute. Chiefs quarterback move on motion a Justin Watson and interpret rival individual defense.

Kansas raises a play where two of your receivers run cross routes to create traffic in the middle zone. The good route of his tight end, covered by one of the best safeties in the NFL, Derwin James Jr.allows the Chiefs to finish off his drive.

Not Allen, not Hurts, not Tagovailoa either. The MVP of the 2022/23 season has, right now, a first and last name: Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs quarterback is a headache for any defense, especially those in his division, as he has a positive record of 24-4 in matchups with AFC West teams, a devastating figure that speaks of the dominance not only of the Kansas team but also of its franchise player.

Mahomes is managing to run an attack like a charm even without two of his top receivers at wide ends due to injury: Juju Smith-Schuster and Mecole Hardmanreason for which his faithful squire, travis kelceis going back to being point of attack as soon as the quarterback looks at which hands to pass.

The tight end of the Chiefs leads all statistics at his position. He is the tight end with the most receptions, the most passing yards, with 855, and the most touchdowns scored, with 11.. Kelce catches balls and runs routes like any other elite wide receiver in the league, and thanks to his imposing physique, he gets gain practically all duels that the defense raises.

One of the main virtues of Patrick Mahomes is his extreme precision in passes with very small windows, situations where the ball can only go one place to find the hands of its receivers. The Chiefs quarterback can’t seem to find too much difficulty in passes almost impossible for any other player.

In this play, Mahomes throws a 40-yard pass that connects with Jody Fortson, who only has to stretch his hands to accommodate the arrival of the ovoid. Chargers cornerback Bryce Callahan defends the route to a thousand wonders but little can do with the excellent ball placement from Mahomes:

Mahomes is, in addition to being a precise passer, a player who is comfortable in situations where the pocket breaks and you should look for others alternatives to his play, it was already seen aerial or by legs.

Mahomes is able to find his receivers with speed even when it’s being held down along the rival line and must come out of the pocket, a fact that forces the secondary enemy to back in order to avoid a possible big play.

The quarterback takes advantage of this space generated by the rival defense to get many career first downs and this season we’re seeing that unstoppable version of Mahomes with his legs again. On this play, the Chiefs player makes a scramble situation on 3rd and 17 look easy:

He is also the most skilled quarterback launching from various platforms. He is able to drop a remote control pass without caring too much if your feet are planted or if your body is positioned to throw the ball without risk of being intercepted.

Mahomes find always a solutionand this facet makes him one of the most unpredictable of this league. On this play early in the season, Mahomes found Josh Mickinnon at a video game pitch of his ownthrowing a pass in an unnatural position for a quarterback.

In addition to a passing game that carburizes like a charm, the Kansas City Chiefs they are consolidating others two facets important for a team to aspire to the furthest in the playoffs: A solvent racing game and one defensive line that manages to pressure the opposing quarterback.

After the disappointing performance of Clyde Edwards-Helairechoice of first round draft pick in 2020, Mahomes is entrusting the running game to Isiah Pacheco, selected in the position number 251 just a few months ago, who is proving to be a alternative more than efficient for the Kansas offense in situations where the defense sets up for the pass.

In addition to having a quick first step, Pacheco is a born hard worker, and frequently we see him lined up as one more blocker for Mahomes. Pay attention to the effort of the #10 from Kansas:

In terms of defensive line, chris jones is returning to being the leader in the pressure on the rival quarterback and is the fifth player in the league with more sackswith 9. also adds 2 forced fumbles Y 22 tackles, figures that are making the Chiefs defense a hard to contain unit for the rival OL.

The performance single of Mahomesadded to all the elements that you are incorporating Andy Reid to the team, they are making some Kansas City Chiefs unstoppable in games where the score goes many points, a situation in which the quarterback of the Missouri team is proving to be unstoppable.

These Chiefs look like hit the right key at the right time seasonal, with Bills, Eagles and Miami as the current top competitors to win the champion ring and lift the coveted trophy Vincent Lombardi.

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Patrick Mahomes is still the king of the NFL