Panthers players ask to change grass in stadium

Carolina members asked owner David Tepper to replace the playing surface at Bank of America Stadium to prevent injuries

Several players from Carolina Panthers asked team owner David Tepper to replace the current artificial grass of Bank of America Stadium with a field of natural grass for avoid injury.

Wide receiver DJ Moore said team leaders have spoken multiple times this season with Tepper about his desire to return to the field natural grassbut they don’t know if they are considering any changes.

The Bank of America Stadiumexterior and open sky, was built in 1995 and had natural grass until spring 2021.

But Tepper opted for the FieldTurf as part of a $50 million renovation project after receiving an expansion team from Major League Soccer.

They made the decision in part because of cost and practicality as a venue for various activities, including NFL games, MLS games, two or three college football games a year, and concerts by the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Kenny. Chesney.

“It’s probably going to take all of us to stop training to have natural grass“, recognized the linebacker of the Panthers, Shaq Thompson. “I mean, they generate enough income from us to keep the grass. Hate to say it but with previous owner [Jerry Richardson] we had natural grass. Listen to your players. We want to play on grass.”

Trying to seek comment from Tepper through the team’s public relations office was unsuccessful.

Several players in the NFL have recently spoken publicly about the increase in injuries due to artificial grass and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA for its acronym in English) asked six venues to change surfaces. The Bank of America Stadium He is not among the six listed by the NFLPA.

The tight end of the PanthersTommy Tremble, has supported the natural grass and he’s even more convinced since cornerback Donte Jackson — whose locker is next to his in the locker room — ruptured his Achilles tendon in a 25-15 win over Carolina about the Atlanta Falcons last Thursday night.

He called the injury “stupid” and unnecessary.

Tremble believes Tepper will eventually listen to his players, though it could take time.

Moore reiterated that the issue has been discussed with Tepper on several occasions and now they have to wait.

“At the end of the day, he has the last call,” Moore admitted.

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Panthers players ask to change grass in stadium