NFL teams and players suffer the curse of the ‘Manning Cast’

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills become the new victims of the 2021 season.

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From now on, no team will want a player of theirs to appear in the ‘Manning Cast’.

By: Diego Benavides

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Brothers Peyton and Eli manning They appear in a show during the day of ‘Monday Night Football’ on the television station that transmits these games, where they analyze and comment on the games, in addition to having a special guest every week and most of them are related to American football.

Since the first week of the current campaign, the peculiar tendency has been generated that the player who is invited to his show suffers a defeat with his team in the coming week, regardless of which franchise it is or what rival they face.

Victims of the ‘Manning Cast’
– MNF Week 1 Guests: Travis Kelce and Russell Wilson (Lost Chiefs and Seahawks in Week 2)
– MNF Week 2 Guest: Rob Gronkowski (Lost Buccaneers in Week 3)
– MNF Week 3 Guest: Matthew Stafford (Lost Rams in Week 4)
– MNF Week 7 Guest: Tom Brady (Lost Buccaneers in Week 8)
– MNF Week 8 Guest: Josh Allen (Lost Bills in Week 9)


The popular NFL football video game took the player on the cover for several years as an injury victim.

Running back Garrison Hearst kicked off the trend after appearing in the video game in 1999 after breaking his ankle.

From there, a total of 13 players failed to evade this trend, although some like Larry Fitzgerlad, Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, Richard Sherman, Odell Beckham Jr, Tom Brady and Antonio Brown they were saved.

Watch out, Lamar Jackson! It’s not easy being the cover of Madden


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NFL teams and players suffer the curse of the ‘Manning Cast’