NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys Hot, Browns Go Down – Week 11, 2021

After what happened in week 10 of the 2021 NFL Season, we have new NFL Power Rankings, now for week 11.

1. Tennessee Titans

Record: 8-2

Previous position: 2 (+1)

Good teams find a way to win, and the Titans are the best looking team right now as they try to win games.

2. Green Bay Packerspr gb 1

Record: 8-2

Previous position: 5 (+3)

It is clear that with Aaron Rodgers they are a contending team, and securing the first place in the NFC could greatly complicate the picture for all other Super Bowl hopefuls.

3. Dallas Cowboyspr dal 1

Record: 7-2

Previous position: 7 (+4)

It seems that NFC East is won, so now they only need to worry about getting a good place in the National Conference seed.

4. Arizona Cardinalspr ari 1

Record: 8-2

Previous position: 1 (-3)

The Cardinals are a good team, no question about that, but they are that good team when Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are on the field.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneerspr tb 1

Record: 6-3

Previous position: 3 (-2)

The good news for the Buccaneers is that they don’t have to play Taylor Heinicke every week. And the best part is that the last time they battled him, things ended quite well for them.

6. Los Angeles Ramspr 1 lar

Record: 7-3

Previous position: 4 (-2)

The Matthew Stafford of recent weeks looks a lot like the Matthew Stafford of bad times in Detroit, and that must have Sean McVay quite worried.

7. Buffalo Billspr buf 1

Record: 6-3

Previous position: 8 (+1)

The Bills have the Patriots hot on their heels in the AFC East and our Power Rankings, and that will bring back bad memories of recent years. But for now they can’t be thinking about that.

8. New England Patriotspr ne 1

Record: 6-4

Previous position: 11 (+3)

Some teams show off their QB, others their powerful defense. The Patriots have Bill Belichick as their point of pride, and he can be crucial in defining the AFC career.

Top teams in the NFL Power Rankings from 9th to 16th place:

9. Baltimore Ravenspr bal 1

Record: 6-3

Previous position: 6 (-3)

Turns out, the defense that knew how to control Lamar Jackson was Miami’s, and now all the other Ravens rivals are getting the blitzes ready with the secondary for when they play Baltimore.

10. Kansas City Chiefspr kc 1

Record: 6-4

Previous position: 15 (+5)

For nine weeks the Chiefs looked like a mediocre team. This week Patrick Mahomes woke up and everything started to click for Kansas City, and in the best moment of the 2021 NFL Season.

11. Pittsburgh Steelerspr pit 1

Record: 5-3-1

Previous position: 12 (+1)

The only silver lining for the Steelers this week is that the Ravens and Browns lost and the Bengals didn’t play. Because that draw against Detroit felt like a loss.

12. Las Vegas Raiderspr oak 1

Record: 5-4

Previous position: 13 (+1)

Losing to the Chiefs on Sunday night has them now with the same number of victories as the Broncos and Chargers who will have to fight, among others, to reach a wild card spot in the AFC.

13. New Orleans Saintspr no 1

Record: 5-4

Previous position: 14 (+1)

Jameis Winston’s absence will weigh heavily on the Saints, and the only good news for them is that the competition for wild-card tickets in the NFC won’t be as heavy. At least that should be achieved by Trevor Siemian.

14. Los Angeles Chargerspr lac 1

Record: 5-4

Previous position: 10 (-4)

Once again: the talent is there but things are not quite fitting for the Chargers, who again see themselves as a team more prone to mediocrity than to the playoffs.

15. Indianapolis Coltspr ind 1

Record: 5-5

Previous position: 17 (+2)

This team is finding a way to win games, and if they can keep the formula going for a little while, they could be in the fray for the postseason.

16. Cincinnati Bengalspr cin 1

Record: 5-4

Previous position: 16 (=)

The bye week has been the most favorable for this team in recent times, not least because in addition to stopping the two-game losing streak it served to cause everyone else in AFC North to stumble.

Our NFL Power Rankings with teams 17-24:

17. Minnesota Vikingspr min 1

Record: 4-5

Previous position: 21 (+4)

The Vikings are right where they have been throughout the Kirk Cousins ​​era: on the edge of the playoffs with aspirations to come and go fast.

18. Cleveland Brownspr cle 1

Record: 5-5

Previous position: 9 (-9)

The Browns have multiple injuries and their offense is not being able to keep the defense afloat. We are facing a new case of “the Browns being the Browns.”

19. Carolina Pantherspr car 1

Record: 5-5

Previous position: 22 (+3)

The return of Cam Newton breathed new life into this team. And Cam Newton. So at the moment it seems that it was a very favorable move for both parties.

20. San Francisco 49erspr sf 1

Record: 4-5

Previous position: 23 (+3)

This team already has several “low points” in the season that their win over the Rams is enough to believe that they are back in contention.

21. Denver Broncospr den 1

Record: 5-5

Previous position: 18 (-3)

Few things can kill the excitement that had been generated by the victory over Dallas like the beating of the Eagles did. It will be difficult to get up from that blow.

22. Philadelphia Eaglespr phi 1

Record: 4-6

Previous position: 24 (+2)

Little by little this team has been finding its shape. They are still not a great team, but they are getting better and better and they will be fighting for the rest of the season.

23. Atlanta Falconspr atl 1

Record: 4-5

Previous position: 20 (-3)

If the beating the Cowboys gave them didn’t derail the Falcons’ aspirations, hosting the Patriots on Thursday might be enough to complete the job.

24. Seattle Seahawkspr sea 1

Record: 3-6

Previous position: 19 (-5)

Russell Wilson’s return didn’t help the Seahawks and it’s clear the QB needs a bit of time to get back on track. The problem is that the postseason looks increasingly distant for this team.

The worst teams in our NFL Power Rankings:

25. Miami Dolphinspr mia 1

Record: 3-7

Previous position: 30 (+5)

The two victories they have achieved puts them in a position to think that things can improve. Of course, the possibility of going to the postseason seems out of reach for this team.

26. Washington Football Team pr was 3

Record: 3-6

Previous position: 28 (+2)

A surprise win over the Buccaneers is enough to move up a couple of spots, but the cost to pay was losing Chase Young for the rest of the season. It was worth it?

27. New York Giantspr nyg 1

Record: 3-6

Previous position: 25 (-2)

The bye week, combined with strong performances from a couple of other teams, resulted in the Giants losing a couple of spots in our Power Rankings.

28. Chicago Bearspr chi 1

Record: 3-6

Previous position: 26 (-2)

With Justin Fields looking like the solution at quarterback, the Bears now only need to worry about other details like the head coach or talent around their franchise QB.

29. New York Jetspr nyj 1

Record: 2-7

Previous position: 27 (-2)

To no one’s surprise (I hope), Mike White is not the solution to the Jets’ problem. Hopefully Zach Wilson will be when he can come back and when he has a lot more support on all other lines.

30. Jacksonville Jaguarspr jac 1

Record: 2-7

Previous position: 29 (-1)

The good news for Trevor Lawrence is that he is just in his rookie season and he still has a lot of time in his career to get out of this bump. Of course, hopefully the union with Urban Meyer will not last long.

31. Houston Texanspr hou 1

Record: 1-8

Previous position: 31 (=)

In a part of the 2021 NFL Season where almost everyone underdogs They have given a surprise, the Texans have not managed to generate any noise. We’ll see if they manage to join this trend at some point or just keep moving through the season without major shocks.

32. Detroit Lionspr det 1

Record: 0-8-1

Previous position: 32 (=)

The good news is that they haven’t lost in the last two weeks. Sure, in that span they had their bye week and then tied with the Steelers, but at least it’s already a “streak.” Or the closest thing they have ever had to something positive.

These are our NFL Power Rankings for Week 10 of the 2021 NFL Season. What changes would you make? We await your comments under this article and on our social networks, in addition to seeing you this Wednesday at 6:00 pm to talk about this list in our twitch channel.

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NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys Hot, Browns Go Down – Week 11, 2021