NFL Fantasy 2021: Top 5 QBs for the Season

The Drafts of the Fantasy of the NFL they are approaching and some have surely already been carried out. This instance is very important since you have to choose the players who, for the most part, will accompany the team for the rest of the season. That’s why since Bolavip we present top five quarterbacks which are sure to come out in the upper reaches of the Drafts.

For this position, it is important to remember that Not always being the best player means being the most productive in Fantasy. Here it does not matter if the team winsIf the QB had 100 yards and a touchdown, it’s a bad Fantasy game, even though it could have been a good game for the player.

For that reason, quarterbacks like Tom brady or the same Aaron Rodgers which was very productive last season, they are out of this ranking. Other special mentions are Dak prescott or Justin herbert. Without more, Here are the top five quarterbacks for NFL Fantasy 2021.

Russell Wilson does not yet have a season MVP. (Photo: Getty)

As well as in the receiver ranking, his partner was left out by very little, Russell Wilson comes in as fifth on the list. Always productive, last season Wilson looked like the MVP for the first few weeks until he got worse and lower. Even with his lousy finish, he finished as QB6 of the year. It would come as no surprise if he ends up being the best this season, given his pass-carry combination.

4. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Lamar jackson

Lamar Jackson is unstoppable in the open field. (Photo: Getty)

Lamar jackson It is a people’s favorite. His ability to run with the ball gives him the advantage of providing yards to the table in every game and being a safe bet that also has a lot of potential. Baltimore Ravens knows how to surround it well, and if it continues its improvement in the aerial part, It could be a steal if he was selected in the second round.

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3. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen.

Josh Allen has a tremendous combination of athleticism and strength. (Photo: Getty)

Josh allen was uncovered with Buffalo bills last season and he was a scoring and scoring machine. That could go down a bit this year because some regression is inevitable, but it should still be a big threat to the duo he does alongside Steffon Diggs, the rest of the body of receivers and the fact that it is one of the teams that runs the ball the least in the entire NFL.

2. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray.

Kyler Murray is very fast and also has a great arm. (Photo: Getty)

It may be the riskiest bet, but Kyler Murray has infinite potential in Cardinals. Entering his third year, his second was pretty good, and that is only expected to improve as his chemistry with DeAndre Hopkins it develops. Second in rushing yards for QBs behind Lamar Jackson, Murray also has a very dangerous arm And this team is expected to go a lot more through the air than it has in the past.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs


Patrick Mahomes undoubtedly the best QB in the NFL. (Photo: Getty)

The position N ° 1 could not be for another that is not Patrick Mahomes. The QB of Kansas city chiefs he’s consistently the best in and out of Fantasy for three years now. Since he came to the NFL, They are the most explosive offense in the league, and with an improved offensive line to protect him, that’s going to stay the same in 2021. Also, having Tyreek hill and Travis kelce helps a little.

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