NFL bets on its own streaming platform to create exclusive content

Data provided by Statistical reveal that the streaming platforms have become the number 1 entertainment site worldwide. Only in Mexico in 2021, 94% of people watched at least one streaming platform, according to data of the platform. Streaming has been the cornerstone that changed the way we watch series and movies worldwide and it will probably do so in sports. Recently, the National Football League (NFL) decided to bet on creating its own streaming platform called NFLPlus.

According to the company, NFL+ It will have two types of subscription, NFL Plus and NFL Premium, both subscriptions have similar benefits. For example, live broadcast of regular season and playoff games including the Super Bowl, but only in cell phone either tablets.

Also, you can hear live radio broadcasts of the games, watch all the preseason games and have all the content of the NFL Network without ads. However, only users of NFL Premium will have extra benefits; for example, to see the replays of the matches, access to exclusive shots or how the coaches prepare their game plan.

On the contrary, the disadvantages of this NFL streaming service is that will not have all the gamesa point which does cover the streaming service GamePass. Additionally, NFL+ is only available for iOS and Android devicesso you will not be able to see the content through SmartTV.

This is not the first time that the NFL has opted for streaming platforms to broadcast its content and reach a larger audience internationally. Some time ago, the agency signed a contract with amazon to have the rights to some games and extra content regarding the NFL.

In addition to this, the potential Twitter Y Youtube, could mean a major boost for the NFL, which is also making inroads into the world of streaming. Only the Amazon platform has the 92% of the audience are fans of video gamesMeanwhile, YouTube has 14% and Facebook Live 12% in this category.

Creating content for streaming or video platforms is a bet to interest young people since, on average, the NFL fan is 50 years old, according to story baker. For this reason, rebounding to gain prominence in the younger audience is betting on creating and designing content focused on the tastes and needs of this audience.


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NFL bets on its own streaming platform to create exclusive content