Is Micah Parsons the most versatile player in the NFL right now?

With each game that passes, there is no doubt that the Cowboys made the right decision by picking Micah Parsons in the first round of the 2021 Draft. As expected, the linebacker has been instrumental in rebuilding the defense that Dan Quinn is leading. . This, in large part, this has been due to the versatility of Parsons. And this is something that the newbie himself acknowledges.

So Parsons let him see this Tuesday. During a statement to the media, the Penn State product left material for press headlines as it is considered the most versatile player in the league.

“I am proud to be the most versatile player in the NFL”Parsons told the media. “I think I would put myself on a par with the elite players in the league when it comes to impact on the game. The defensive backs help me a lot by containing the receivers. So I can push, get sacks and things like that. But I think I can do a lot of different things in defense that change the game. “

Beyond his words, Micah Parsons’ versatility is supported by his numbers. According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), the rookie’s number of defensive snaps so far is broken down like this: 325 snaps in defensive line, 430 as linebacker, and 25 snaps in the corners. This, without a doubt, shows that Dan Quinn has taken advantage of the benefits of the young player.

Of course, Parsons’ defensive production has also been boosted largely by his linebacker and pass-rusher roles. In 16 games he has dropped the following numbers: 84 combined tackles, 20 tackles for loss of yards, 30 hits to the quarterback, 13 sacks, three passes defended and three forced fumbles. With these numbers, Micah is a clear favorite to be Defensive Rookie of the Year this season.

However, Micah Parsons’ versatility is not limited to the different positions where he plays. The rookie also possesses a variety of abilities that make him a nightmare for opponents to contain. And his teammates have suffered in practice as well.

This was revealed by Zack Martin, the Cowboys right guard. In statements collected by Jori Epstein of USA Today Sports, the Pro Bowler said that Parsons is a nightmare for any player who has to face him.

“He has a unique set of skills that allows him to do anything at a high level.”Martin said of Parsons last week. “When a linebacker rushes a pass on an inside offensive lineman, a lot of times he doesn’t have the strength to do what Micah does. (…) But he can extend his arm to you, lift you off the ground and throw you to the side. He really tests you, and you have to be vigilant. He can beat you with speed, with his hands or with power. You have to be aware when it is lined up in front of you. “

Thanks to his skills and the benefits of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Micah Parsons is one of the most versatile players today. We do not have data to confirm the rookie’s words, assuring him that he is the most versatile in the NFL. However, Penn State’s product has the ability to do whatever you ask it to in the field.

“I take a lot of responsibility because I feel that, if I want to spend more time in the field, I should be able to do whatever they ask of me or even more”Parsons said. “I like to line up anywhere and just be dynamic. This is almost like recess time for me. I feel like a kid again tackling and covering. This amuses me a lot, and I really enjoy it. “

This versatility of Parsons, without a doubt, is consolidating him as one of the best defensive players of the 2021 season. The linebacker is almost ruled out for the Defensive Player of the Year award, this due to the great production in defense of TJ Watt ( Steelers). However, Parsons is considered a clear favorite to be named Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Now, it remains to be seen if Micah Parsons becomes a deciding factor during the postseason. Dallas’ defense will have to step up in the playoffs, especially if the offense continues to struggle with performance. And to do so, making the most of Parsons’ versatility will be key.

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Is Micah Parsons the most versatile player in the NFL right now?