Eight visiting teams dominate with wins in NFL Week 2


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The second week of activity in the NFL has been marked by two factors in particular: injuries of starting quarterbacks and dominance of visiting teams.


It was a peculiar week because six quarterbacks received heavy blows and even some of them could no longer return to their respective games.

Tua Tagovailoa by Dolphins, Tyrod taylor from Texans and Andy dalton Bears suffered injuries that prevented them from continuing and the severity of their injury is unknown.

In the meantime, Baker Mayfield from Browns, Carson wentz by Colts and Ben roethlisberger Steelers suffered heavy impacts, even Cleveland’s QB had to go to concussion protocol.

It wasn’t all that bad for the quarterbacks in the second week of activity, as Mac Jones led the Patriots to their first NFL victory and Tom Brady consumed his second-best performance with the most touchdowns thrown as the Buccaneers’ QB.


So far there have been 13 of the 14 games scheduled on the calendar for this Sunday, September 19, and eight franchises have overcome adversity after playing as visitors.

Patriots, Broncos, Bills, 49ers, Raiders, Rams, Titans and Cowboys They got into someone else’s territory and came away with a victory. In Tennessee’s case, he had to go through overtime to defeat the Seahawks. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were shut out by Buffalo and Dallas won with a field goal on the last play.

About Dolphins, Eagles, Steelers, Seahawks and Chargers they are franchises that have already lost their undefeated. The situation has not started in the best way for the Jets, Jaguars and Colts who have already lost two games and do not know what it means to win in the current season.

– Giants 29-30 Washington Football Team
– Patriots 25-6 Jets
– Broncos 23-13 Jaguars
– Bills 35-0 Dolphins
– 49ers 17-11 Eagles
– Rams 27-24 Colts
– Raiders 26-17 Steelers
– Bengals 17-20 Bears
– Texans 21-31 Browns
– Saints 7-26 Panthers
– Vikings 33-36 Cardinals
– Falcons 25-48 Buccaneers
– Titans 33-30 Seahawks
– Cowboys 20-17 Chargers

Regardless of the results, some plays that ended in errors were defining the course of the matches and here you can relive all of them.

There is still the Sunday Night Football match between Kansas city chiefs in view of Baltimore Ravens and the visit of Detroit Lions in view of Green bay packers on Monday Night Football.

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