“Cristiano? We need an intervention from UEFA”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has reappeared on Reif ist live after leaving his post as CEO of Bayern Munich and he has spoken openly about current affairs in football. In particular, of Cristiano Ronaldo and his possible departure from Juventus, an operation that for the German represents a clear example of how the market works today and of the need for intervention in order not to increase the inequalities between the big players in Europe.

Christian? The biggest problem is who can still raise their salary? Earn 70 million gross, 35 million net. Who can do it? The PSG? Maybe an English club? It is not a very healthy way to progress, UEFA is called upon to do something. We need precise regulation, because costs go up again and a intervention or football will have to face a very, very difficult time, “explains the former Bayern president.

In this summer market, clubs like Chelsea or City have continued to make signings of more than one hundred million euros, as in the cases of Lukaku or Jack Grealish. While, PSG has added to its squad to very high salaries like Messi or Sergio Ramos and has brought Donnarumma or Achraf. On the other hand, Bayern itself, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Juventus have opted for a policy of austerity or small movements, being seriously affected by the crisis that the pandemic has brought.

In this situation, Rummenigge asks UEFA to intervene to avoid greater evils and a new misrule that creates two hierarchies within the most powerful clubs on the continent. In this case, he uses the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to leave Juventus, but who, if he does, will not significantly reduce his record. Given that circumstance, only a privileged few will be able to undertake the operation, while others are left behind on their accounts.

Sané and Robben

Another of the big headlines that Rummenigge has left in his interview on Reif ist live is the comparison of Sané and Robben and not exactly in a good way. However, he hopes that he will end up performing as the Dutchman did in his day: “At first I didn’t like it. I’m sorry for him. You try hard, but you don’t have confidence. He didn’t play well. With what it cost and salary, the criticism from the fans is beginning to arrive. I remembered 2012, when Robben missed a penalty in the Champions League final. He was willing to ask her to leave, even though we told him we wouldn’t do that to him. We support it. The result is that a year later we won the Champions League against Dortmund“.