Banorte Stadium, home of Borregos, home of the NFL International Combine Mexico 2021


ONEFA and the NFL maintain the collaboration of the International Player Pathway (IPP) program to search for talents.

NFL and ONEFA continue with their alliance in search of talents. (Photo: JamMedia)


NFL and ONEFA continue with their alliance in search of talents. (Photo: JamMedia)

The dream of reaching the NFL may be fulfilled for some Mexican players. That possibility is latent thanks to the NFL International Combine Mexico 2021 after the agreement between ONEFA and the NFL to detect talent capable of entering the grids of the most important American football league in the world.

The Mexicans Isaac Alarcón, with Dallas Cowboys, and Alfredo Gutiérrez, with San Francisco 49ers, set the example that it can be done. Another case of success is the Chilean Sammis Reyes, who is part of the Washington Football Team.

A total of 10 elements belonging to ONEFA teams will participate in this year’s edition. They are: Juan Miguel Alamillo Fuentes (Lobos UAC), José Emmanuel Cajiga Figueroa (Águilas Blancas IPN), Juan Carlos González Núñez (Borregos TEC), Rodrigo Jurado Barbara (Linces UVM), Claudio Montalvo Garza (Authentic Tigres), Axel Ariel Montini (Leones Anáhuac), Agustín Palacios López (Pumas UNAM), Héctor Siller Fernández (Borregos TEC), Giustino Silvestro (Leones Anáhuac), Héctor Zepeda Hernández (Borregos TEC)

Meanwhile, Latin America will be represented by Brazilian players Ryan David Gomes (Galo), Pollys Pereira Sacramento (Galo) and Leandro Santos Da Fonseca (Remo Lions). The three of them will seek to emulate the Chilean Reyes.

It will be this October 23 at the Banorte Stadium, Borregos TEC campus Monterrey headquarters, when conducting tests that will assess specific performance standards for select the talents that could be recruited by an NFL franchise for the 2022 season.