6 phrases from Scaloni in the preview of the game against Bolivia: why Messi does not rest, the reasons for the constant changes and the warning to Brazil

Lionel Scaloni confirmed the Argentine team to face Bolivia (REUTERS / Sergio Moraes)
Lionel Scaloni confirmed the Argentine team to face Bolivia (REUTERS / Sergio Moraes)

The Argentina national team, already classified to the quarterfinals, will play against Bolivia the last game of the group stage of the America Cup. For the duel this Monday, the coach Lionel scaloni will go out to the court with an alternative team with the aim of taking care of several players who carry a yellow card and that the DT wants to be available for the next instance.

The albiceleste team will go for three points that will allow them to finish at the top of the classification with an eleven starter made up of: Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña, Guido Rodríguez, Exequiel Palacios, Alejandro Papu Gómez, Ángel Correa, Lionel Messi Y Sergio Aguero.

“We cannot forget about this game. Bolivia is eliminated and we are classified, but we have players with yellow cards and I would like them to be available for the next game so we can face the next phase in the best way ”, explained Scaloni in the press conference he gave this Sunday.

Asked about the constant changes in the team and the fact that he has never repeated an initial formation in two consecutive games since his cycle began, he pointed out: “We have not repeated because we have not had the players, I would have liked to do it again. I consider that the base of the team is always seven or eight that are important and that they have always repeated. All the national teams and teams in the world have three or four players who rotate, it is the healthy competition that this sport has. Everyone knows that at any moment they can enter. In a selection are the best and match by match you have to look for the best. The conditions of this Cup and some players have arrived with difficulties have meant that we cannot repeat, but I am satisfied with those who have entered and with those who are outside ”.

The national team will travel this Sunday to Cuiabá
The national team will travel this Sunday to Cuiabá

In this Selection there is only one player with guaranteed ownership and everyone knows who he is, the rest have to earn it. We have our base, our way of seeing football and many have represented us in the best way. Nobody can relax, we have a group of 28 footballers and anyone can play. We always decide for the good of the team, not for the individual ”, he added.

The Albiceleste coach considered that his team can “give war to all teams, compete to the maximum and reach the maximum” and, on the possibility of facing Brazil in decisive instances, he said: “The last game they lost was with Argentina and that match was even in Arabia. We are aware that a football game is very close and that anything can happen between two powerful teams. We can play a good game if we play with them. In the last game (against Colombia) Brazil had its difficulties to win, but it is a consolidated team, with many years with its coach ”.

Regarding the possible rival in the quarterfinals, Scaloni evaluated that “anyone who touches us will be difficult” and on the level of Argentina he stated: “The team is fine, we have to adjust things, but the team is confident. Play one or play another, we are still a solid team. Of course there are things that we would like to improve ”.

“If the Copa América is played well or badly, it is relative. The difficulty is maximum, any of these teams in a different context would match any of the best teams. The difficulty is maximum, you have to play against the first or last of the other group, which is not such in other competitions. They are playing in difficult conditions and the other teams have made an important leap ”, he concluded.

The Argentine team will travel this Sunday night to the Brazilian city of Cuiabá, where it will face Bolivia on Monday at 9 p.m. at the stadium Pantanal Arena. In case of obtaining the three points, the national team will secure the first place in the Group A and will play before the room of the Zone B. In the event that those led by Scaloni do not win, they must wait for the result of Paraguay in view of Uruguay to know what position they will occupy in the classification for the next phase.