Top: Five candidates the Padres are considering as managers

The Parents of San Diego They have made it clear that they do not care if a candidate to lead the team is a veteran, but apparently they go for that in the leadership market for the MLB 2021.

Ron Washigton

Ron Washington’s record as manager.

Washington was a manager for 8 seasons with the Rangers, posting a career record of 664 wins and 611 losses, his AVG. it is from a winning leader.

Already this 69-year-old veteran knows what it is to lead good hitters like Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, Ian Kisler, among others.

If the Padres can sign Ron, then he would be the third-oldest active manager in the majors.

  • Tony La Russa, 77, Chicago White Sox.
  • Dustin Baker, 73, years old, Houston Astros.
  • Ron Washington, 69 years old.

Bruce bonchy

bruce bonchy noticias

Bochy said that only something motivating would bring him out of retirement as a manager in the Major Leagues, he was a 3-time champion with the San Francisco Giants and was even one of those who defeated Ron Washington in the World Series.

Bochy lasted 25 years in the majors achieving the famous award for Manager of the Year, his record is 2003 wins and 2029 losses.

John farrell

john farrell noticias

Since he was fired by the Boston Red Sox he has not been a manager of any other, Farrell was once a champion with the Red Sox in 2013 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Still in his last season as manager he went to the Championship Series, a year later the Red Sox were champions under Alex Cora, who has proven to be one of the best at what he does.
Farrell was also a manager for the Toronto Blue Jays.


  • 154 wins, 170 losses, 475 out of 1,000 odds of winning a game.

Buck Showalter

Buck noticias

“I’m not talking about jobs that are not currently open, so those that are, it’s always an honor just to be mentioned. They have a lot of good and qualified people to choose from. I don’t know (if they will ask me for an interview). That’s not my decision, but I would listen if they (the Padres or the Mets) called. Like I said, it’s an honor just to be mentioned. ” said the veteran about the possibilities of being a manager of the Padres or Mets.

Roe roenicke


This was the same one who replaced Alex Cora in 2020 with the Boston Red Sox, he did not get anywhere, but experience does have it, he has been the coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers as well.